Anyone using NanoPi R5C as an AP?

Has anyone been able to get the R5C to work as a dumb AP?

No matter what I do, I end up going down a rabbit hole of modules, drivers and other issues, never being able to get both channels up and the SSID is never being broadcast either.

Has anyone been able to use this as a dual band AP?

Do you have dual-radio wifi module installed? One they list is single-radio only, you need usb for 2 bands.


It has an M.2 card installed. WiFi 6E 802.11ac/ax Intel AX210. 2.4G/5Ghz/6Ghz Wireless Adapter AX210NGW.

I can only get one radio working at a time but even then, it never broadcasts the SSID. I tried manually connecting but it's not responding either.

That is single radio, if you dont see broadcasts likely your antenna is not connected to board and over time will fry LNA amplifiers.

It is critical, unplug device from power and assemble antenna correctly before trying again.

2-antenna wifi-n USB adapter costs like peanut or two nowadays

Intel is a dead end for AP.

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I'm not following something here.
The adapter says it's tri band but you're saying it's a single radio?

The antennas are connected using WFL MHF4 to RP-SMA IPX4 to Reverse Polarity RPSMA Cables (just checked the bag they came in) but before that with the same result were the two sticker antennas the card came with.

Sorry for the fuzzy image.

Shows how much I work in WiFi doesn't it :).
What does that mean? Intel cards are not well supported?

Sure, that would work also but I'd need to make sure it's openwrt supported because I'm wanting openwrt dumb APs.

AFAIK, Intel cards don't support AP mode, in general, at least not at AC and AX speeds.

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I have one in laptop, it does one connection, ap without radar detect XOR sta,
you need to check with iw list

I was trying to make this work because I didn't know what router to order that I could get from Amazon in 2 days at most. I spent all morning looking at openwrt supported routers I could use as a tri band dumb AP but each time I found one, Amazon didn't have it. Or it was costly due to features I'd never need as a dumb AP.

Does not matter at this point, you need to check in iw list if your intel network card is AP capable.

        valid interface combinations:
                 * #{ IBSS } <= 1, **#{ AP, mesh point } <= 16**, #{ managed } <= 19,
                   total <= 19, #channels <= 1, STA/AP BI must match, **radar detect** widths: { 20 MHz (no HT), 20 MHz, 40 MHz, 80 MHz, 160 MHz }
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ax210 is tri-band, but NOT concurrent tri-band, meaning you must choose only one single channel. Apart from that, it only supports AP mode (in a very limited way) on 2.4 GHz, but not at all on 5- and 6 GHz.'s purely a client centric card for your notebook and unusable for AP purposes

Totally makes sense why this was never working now.

Yes, it seems to be AP compatible but I definitely need all bands live at all times.
Good to know. I'm not going to spend any more time on this then.

Thanks very much for the input!

# iw list | grep -A10 "Supported interface modes" | grep "* AP"
                 * AP
                 * AP/VLAN

Lets read that from "hardware" :wink:

So in 3 bands only one supports AP.
Figure out which and go ahead with it.

I'll have to start looking for a full sized WiFi router again because I do need all bands at all times.
I'm not too well versed in WiFi yet, never needed it until fairly recently.

I also now understand that 2.4, 5 and 6 doesn't mean tri-band but an additional 5g band.

Yes, but advertising sticker adds up all bandwidths and says you got terabit weefee

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