Announcing the OpenWrt/LEDE merge

I also HATE infinite scrolling because again a slight server lag and the rest of the page stops loading.

Searching in a long thread which is distributed over 327 independent
pages is a pain too.
It really would be nice to have both views.
If I need to choose only one, I prefer the all in one way.

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I might add I have problems with my hands so overuse of the scroll wheel is a problem and infinite scrolling usually causes problem when trying to use the normal scroll bar. It does seem a bit more functional here but the visual cues to each post are so small its hard to see where to stop, so still a problem.

The time-line bar is a bit small and would be problematic being accurate with large threads.

Don't get me wrong, there are things I like about this forum but I can already for-see it being much harder for me to use. Possibly fixed by a different theme though?

Thanks for the feedback, appreciated. I see the poll is going on now.

True, there are many more users registered at the 15.x forum. Spanning back a decade or more.

Many (myself included) with zero (0) posts. Maintenance-wise, dunno how many of those users have been inactive for (n) years. I know I have at least one, on the 15.x forum.

I understand & recognize there are Active members providing support for that platform / their custom builds there. Recent Activity-wise though: uncertain.

Only point I was trying to make is if an 'occasional' or (new) OpenWRT 17.x user is looking for information or support: the content contained in this forum supports the current point release.

I just don't see the sense trying to 'reinvent the wheel' at this point / delaying the merge, if the resources & equipment exist / allow for parallel site operation, for a fixed period of time.

I suggest taking a look at the keyboard shortcuts offered by Discourse (link can be found in the sandwhich menu left to your avatar menu).

Especially k and j for previous and next post as well as End for jumping to the latest post (which will also fetch the not yet loaded posts).


The current plan is to leave both in operation, but no fixed period has been
set. This is NOT delaying the rest of the merge in any way.

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Would it be possible to sticky a post containing hints like that called "How to use this forum" or "New users -- please read" above all categories so it's clearly visible?

Or sticky a single post in each category? Migration to Discourse hasn't been easy for me too, I would have appreciated a post like that back in a day.

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If you need help leaning about discourse you should find a discourse help forum,
Try this

This forum is dedicated to Lede, No need to pollute the forum with stuff that is not relevant.

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