ALFA R36AH with Tube-UAC2 and U4Gv2 support


For offsite internet connection I use the ALFA R36AH router.

With the original firmware V1.0 it supports 4G using Tube-U4Gv2 USB antenna
With a OpenWRT firmware it supports wifi using Tube-UAC2 USB antenne (but not U4Gv2). This is firmware version CampPro_v1.0_20210531_r36a-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

So obvious question, I'm looking for a firmware version for the R36AH supporting both USB devices Tube-U4Gv2 and Tube-UAC2.

In the mean time a flash the device back and forth to use both USB devices.

Many thanks,

ps. seems the R36AH is more or less the same as R36A

R36AH doesn't appear to be supported, but it might be similar to the non H model.

The R36AH is almost the same. In case there is a R36A firmware supporting both the U4Gv2 and UAC2, then I would like to give it a try.

Copy paste google:
The ALFA Network R36A and the ALFA Network R36AH differ only in two things. Both have the same chipset and the same technical specifications such as data rate, transmission power and input sensitivity. Only the USB interface and the supported devices differ. While USB cables with a length of up to five meters can be connected to the USB port of the R36A, the R36AH has an extended USB port.

running OpenWRT seems to be one thing, somehow some way somewhere:

Only thoughts that question the HW, but will not solve your config puzzle:
1.your router device is kind of old ( wifi n, 1x1 mimo, 100mbit LAN ) and has no direct image support. I would understand, if someone wants to not throw away still working HW, but to me it looks a bit outdated for supporting a serious road warrior nowadays. Also no idea, why you keep two different USB mobile sticks, especially if one of the 2 does not have OpenWRT support. it maybe tinkering for fun with a device combo that just is the way it is?
To be honest thats the one constraint coming with OpenWRT: good results depend on either careful HW selection ahead of time or by luck having made the right HW purchasing decisions in the past.

I think we do not know your probably good reasons for keeping the device set as is.
in your case you could think about buying a second OpenWRT-supported stick or a second router to avoid having to reflash all the time.

Dear Steven,

I am quite new in this forum and am also using the ALFA R36A Router for Wifi in my Campervan. Unfortunately they have cut of the 2,4 Wifi and using only 5 GHz. So I bought the Tube-UAC2, knowing, that is does not run under the original Software installed. With a few attempts I have mangaed to flash Openwrt onto the Router (openwrt-21.02.0-ath79-generic-alfa-network_r36a-squashfs-sysupgrade). But withous any changes, the Tube-UAC2 is not running.

Could you please help me, as it seems according to your comment last year, that you are already doing exactly what I am still attempting.

Many Thanks in advance and all the best