Afoundry EW1200 - what is the installation procedure now please?

According to the TechData for the Afoundry EW1200 this is supported since 18.06.0. Posts on the forum say that LEDE was installed using wires to 3 pins in the router. Is that now a redundant approach? I have factory firmware (ver 1.5.7). Can I just install using the file from the "Firmware OpenWrt Install URL" link on the TechData page via the factory webgui? in "Installation method(s)" it says "see git-commit" but the link does no go anywhere.

Thank you in advance for any help provided.

FYI - I created a devicepage for the EW1200:

Please mind that this is just the bare skeleton of a devicepage, and that content like installation instructions, revert to stock instructions, bootlogs etc. still need to be filled in by you, i.e. the users of the wiki. :slight_smile:

From the git commit:;a=commit;h=9b35815f0f0e10125d144c82595bbccbc83d6812

At this point, the only working solution I found was to connect to the
serial console port (available on J4 header) and to use opkg to install dropbear.
Then scp the sysupgrade file in the device's /tmp and run sysupgrade from
console without preserving configuration files.

Might be of interest (serial port connection shown further down):

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