Afoundry EW1200 - Revert to stock firmware


I have an Afoundry EW1200 router with LEDE installed but the 2.4 GHz band is very unstable, so I'd like to revert to the stock firmware (1.7.2).

  • mt7621_ew1200en_1.7.2.tar
    -- mt7621_s1200en.eeprom
    -- mt7621_s1200en.flash
    -- mt7621_s1200en.uboot
    -- mt7621_s1200en_1.7.2.upgrade

How can I revert to the stock firmware?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve just solved it by myself. After connecting to the router using SSH I simply ran command ‘sysupgrade mt7621_s1200en_1.7.2.upgrade‘ and that was all! :slight_smile:

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I'd like to revert to the stock firmware too since the 2.4 GHz band is unstable. But on the OpenWRT tech data page (, there's a "dead" link to dropbox to download the firmware...

Is someone having a another link or file of the stock firmware (like "mt7621_ew1200_1.7.2.tar.gz") ?

Thanks in advance,
Luca (France).

Tp links need to remove uboot part before doing sysupgrade. According to the original poster there's probably no uboot, so you can download original firmware tar.gz (which can be tricky thing to find with chinese routers), extract mt7621_s1200en_1.7.2.upgrade and just sysupgrade it.

Btw. is there some mediatek radio, where the wifi actually works? MT7628 is unstable on lede too.

I found the stock firmware on a belgium forum, they shared a link to download the version "5.4" :!V8BlVbQS!iWS6rpG6p7VzADNQWvUWD6UK4FHGWU9ZX4q1kEJ7OAQ

It is a ZIP that contains a BIN file... Can I flash it with sysupgrade command in SSH ?

Mediatek radios seem to be unstable on 2.4 GHz bands...
I revert to the stock firmware because of this despite I love OpenWrt/LEDE...

Try to ask on that belgium forum. If it contains uboot, you will brick your device. But size is smaller than 8MB, so it is probably stripped, you can take your chances, but you have been warned :wink:
Btw. I agree, for tp links there are at least some custom built images with proprietary mediatek drivers, which work way better than opensource one used in lede.
You might want to check this out:

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Thanks for the tip, I'll try with this file... I checked the mediatek drivers on the link you've found but I didn't find the driver which corresponds to my kernel version and my MediaTek MT7621 chip. Thanks anyway.

@FiberMonkey Can you share the file "mt7621_ew1200en_1.7.2.tar.gz" if you still have it please?

Here it is: :slight_smile:

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@FiberMonkey Thank you very much :blush:

@FiberMonkey @iralo
Can you share the file "mt7621_ew1200en_1.7.2.tar.gz" if you still have it please? or the latest firmware, thank youuuu

Here you go:



I wanted to do one thing and I made a stupid mistake but I did update to the Afoundry EW 1200 router and I loaded - - openwrt-18.06.1-ramips-mt7621-ew1200-initramfs-kernel.bin, I read here what you guys are write to return to factory settings but the problem is that I can not connect to it through the web ... what can I do? or it's destroyed

Sorry chaps is this an original firmware mt7621_ew1200en_1.7.2.tar.gz not had any 2.4g problems at all what happens.

how do you have uploaded mt7621_s1200en_1.7.2.upgrade in the router? I havn't enough space for that, and I can't mount a USB key

There have been commits to the MT76 wireless driver since 19.07.03 was released. Might be worth testing prior to reverting to factory.

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