Adding Support for Verizon CR1000A

It seems to have failed, dhcp does not work, and I cannot obtain the IP manually. I will go back at night and start tossing around.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:good luck

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The decrypt code is above on this topic or on the chh post at #292

I can't see the default_uci folder.

The link is invalid. Do you have a backup? Thanks :star_struck:

Link: 1 Extraction code: 9c3r

链接: 提取码: 9c3r

I have some question about how to set this router. What is your qq group's join code?

rebased on latest master

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Nice, did you got time to check Any guide how to testing that package? I'm trying to copy your branch and created a build with docker and 2.5G RTL USB adapter support. So I can use a usb adapter for WAN and rest ports for LAN.

I didn't get to it yet. Life is busy recently. Is there any guide/commit to follow?

This is the only thread I found, I don't think there is a guide: IPQ807X NSS Build - #820 by sppmaster

@a_guy I was able to merge your branch and branch, combined your .config code and also update the dts file included ess header. And then complied version with nss and surprisingly it succeed.

I was testing speed with htop status, when it it 900M/900M, there is 0% CPU usage.

Here are the modification on top of your version:

  • Added NSS code
  • Modified .config file
  • Modified dts file
  • Setup WIFI on by default so we can get into it just in case ethernet not working

Whoever want to give it a try here is the link(You can flash back to older version if there is a bug):

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Here is the iperf result much better!!!

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I tried it,and I found some bugs:
1、WiFi disconnect,had to link in via Lan port
2、can not save setups
3、local language packet can not display

Nice progress man! So we are at 5gbps now, which is decent. Feel free to create a PR against my main branch. This way it will be easier to track changes and rebase to openwrt main

Also, there are multiple nss accelerators from what I saw. Did you enable them all?

I enabled all of them, there is one issue that when there is WAN activity the router will reboot because of Kernal Panic, I posted on NSS thread and might need some help to troubleshoot.

The 5Gbps limit is due to the iperf3 and cpu performance limit. But if we have a PC and WAN and another PC and LAN, I'm sure it can hit 10Gbps.

It’s probably due to a bug from WAN port, if you unplug WAN port and reboot router, then connect WiFi do they still dropping?

Yes, they still drop wifi,and I have no cable to WAN port.I flash it with WiFi,after reboot,I can see the WiFi and connected to it,but unstable,keep dropping wifi,so I have to use Lan port.I did some setups,but cant save,nothing happen.

Try reset your config? I have no issue without WAN connected. I will try to troubleshoot this weekend and release new build.

At begining,I restored old backup config,wifi dropped,I had to cable to Lan to reinstall bin file.Then reset the config,it keep dropping wifi.cant save setups.