Adding Support for Verizon CR1000A

Yes, trying to use 6E here.

FIOS is my internet provider so I’ll fool around with the stock firmware a bit before I decide if I want to flash it to OpenWRT.

Thing about FIOS is usually some functions on their routers are disabled (like the usb port).

You won't be able to flash open wrt as your router will be auto updated to a new version which doesn't have a jailbreak

Honestly I don’t even know what firmware the one I bought has. It’s all beat up and is missing the power adapter so who knows?

I’ll decide what I want to do once I get it.

Here you go:

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My thought is whether it can be possible to downgrade through older firmware. It would be helpful if anyone could download the older firmware so we could try especially ver. 3.2.07/ that vz posted for open sources. It does not make any sense if they don't allow downgrades while open-sourcing the older firmware.

They don't publish firmware, really. They conveniently 'forget' to include kernel there. It would only help with MoCA though. As they control RTL9301/3 switch via userspace tool.

Someone has to bite the bullet and look what they check for in order to say 'invalid firmware' when downgrading That migh help with improving the way we install openwrt too - if we can cook the right compatible openwrt image and load via UI is would be perfect.

Frankly speaking this someone won't be me: I plan to invest my time into hardware side of things. Like nss and MoCA. And I barely have time for this recently.

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fresh build: rebased on latest: there are some ath11k related commits there, but the 6E power issue is still not resolved


@a_guy Were you able to looks at this issue?

With the new build after mounting script added. I keep getting "Device /dev is not compatible."

cryptsetup --key-file=/lib/mmc/data_key luksOpen /dev /mmcblk0p28 data
Device /dev is not compatible.

@a_guy I think I figured it out, there is a issue on your mounting script that "data_mmcblk=$(grep -rn PARTNAME sys/block/mmcblk0" should be "data_mmcblk=$(grep -rn PARTNAME /sys/block/mmcblk0". After I changed this one, I'm able to mount the data partition with no issue.

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Good find. It was bothering me but I needed a second pair of eyes to spot the problem. Will add in next build, thanks.

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Btw, if anyone is not happy with current 6G radio performance. There is a way to make it work as extra 5G radio by using default BDF. I didn't explore this scenario much, though.

well, the mounting script actually works as-is if run after the boot manually.
probably some crypto service/devices is not yet ready during boot

fresh build

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Nice! Any progress on NSS build?

Seems like there is a build for new kernel?
IPQ807X NSS Build - #788 by AgustinLorenzo

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Hello, I used the CFG recovery file you uploaded on the forum. When I plugged in the network cable, the IP was not recognized. But there is WiFi. I guess your mac address does not match my network port. I will try to connect to the WiFi and see if I can ssh. WiFi name kaxiverizon. I don’t know the password. OK. No thanks, please provide it.

哈喽我在论坛用了你上传的CFG恢复文件 插网线不识别ip 但是有WiFi出来 估计你的mac地址跟我的网口不匹配吧 我试试连wifi能不能ssh WiFi名kaxiverizon 密码不知道可以提供下不谢谢了

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It seems that you have to use your own device's cfg to modify it, not someone else's.


some owner said that my cfg file I posted on the CHH forum dont match his router,so I think they need to dump their own cfg file to encrypt,and restore.

I want to try your wifi password to see if I can get in. Hahaha, I won’t look back until I hit the wall.

我想试试你wifi密码能不能进去 哈哈哈不撞南墙不回头