Adding Support for Verizon CR1000A

just bought a new cr1000a,already backup cfg and enabled ssh,just want to confirm the next step is to backup partition 18 and 20 , then enable testmode and tftp into it?

any guide to backup the original partition?

Yes, but you have to have serial connection working to it first. Enabling test mode drops you to u-boot console where you load initramfs image to install permanent one from it. Using serial. It's currently must have.

Backing up partitions is done via dd. There were commands somewhere, I think.

dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p18 of=/tmp/18.bin 
dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p20 of=/tmp/20.bin 

usbttl is prepared, I opened machine, and pulled out the board

The machine is hardware version 0.0.6, which already soldered the jumper, so simple to using serial

remaining steps are ssh into the machine, then dd with backing up partitions, then download them from scp

change the machine into test mode, connected by serial , then flasing itb and update with sysyograde.bin again

anything lefted out in procedure?

That's it. I have the steps listed earlier in this thread. Do we have stickies in this forum? Would be nice to pin a few such messages to the top...

and how to restore the original firmware?

Load initramfs again, dd partitions back, remove testMode variable. Reboot

Thanks,I will try it when I have time

fresh rebuild of non-nss: rebased to latest (includes qsdk 12.4)


@a_guy I compiled another version with NSS and this time I used and also rebased your newest code.

Surprisingly the WAN reboot issue is gone and I been testing this version with no issue.

Anyone who interested to test this alpha version of NSS firmware:

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Tested speed over 6Ghz wifi and got highest speed ever:

Good news. New qsdk probably helped with reboot.

Also just FYI, I don't think there is any valuable file in that data partition we can just format it with

# Format disk
data_mmcblk=$(grep -rn PARTNAME /sys/block/mmcblk0 | grep -w data | cut -d '/' -f 5)
mkfs.ext4 /dev/$data_mmcblk

# Mount disk
mkdir -p /mnt/data
mount /dev/$data_mmcblk /mnt/data

And no more decrypt ever required.

I found that from time to time the WiFi network would be disconnected for 1-3 minutes. I don't know what happened.

You need to show us system and kernel logs to make your message actionable

Tried nss firmware for wan and lan , up for4 hours , no issue

Nice work !

Will try for wifi and longer uptime as well

Off topic, is the default led profile only set to blinking white only, no other light profile is observed

Check previous post you can manually set it with i2c command.

It's ok to format data partition I guess. IIRC OEM firmware will reformat it back, so be warned

The led driver only controls the brightness. It works with heartbeat pattern at least.

Color needs a different driver (which one?) Right now it could be controlled via i2c, as @tesf23 found.

The problem has been found. It is channel interference on my side. It has improved after switching!
This firmware is very good and finally reaches full speed
. Thank you so much!

I refreshed the nss firmware again before going to work this morning. Without changing the device IP, the Lan port is connected to my main network, and I can access the Internet normally through both wireless and wired devices. The speed test is also better, but the WiFi will disconnect in three or five minutes. After I set the static IP to my main network,and enable the DHCP, both the wireless and wired laptops can get the right IPs from cr1000a.After that, I cannot log in to CR1000A to set up, and I cant access the Internet. In the end, I have to reset it.

it would help if you could use serial to connect and grab logs when the router is not letting you to log in....