Adding support for Deco X60 v2.0 (IPQ8074)

So it looks like there are three different editions of Deco X60, V1, V2, V3. Not sure what will be needed to support each, so might need a separate thread for each.

This thread is about v2. I have 2 of these units, as they came in a 2-pack.

There is a wiki page here with more info:

"CPU1: Qualcomm IPQ8071 (1.0 GHz, 4 cores)", unsure of difference between IPQ8071 and IPQ8071A? I think A variant is 400mhz faster?

Similar hardware running OpenWRT

Closest I could find is

Deco X60 Xiami
CPU Qualcomm IPQ8071 (1.0 GHz, 4 cores) Qualcomm IPQ8071A (1 GHz, 4 cores)
FLASH 128 MiB (Winbond W29N01HZSINF) 256 MiB (Winbond W29N02GZSIBA)
RAM 512 MiB (ESMT M15T4G16256-DEP) 512 MiB (EtronTech EM6HE16EWAKG-10H)
WL1 Chip Qualcomm QCN5024 Qualcomm QCN5024
WI1 802dot11 protocols bgn+ax bgn+ax
WL1 MIMO Config 2x2:2 2x2:2
WL1 Antenna Connector MHF4 U.FL
WL2 Chip Qualcomm QCN5054 Qualcomm QCN5054
WL2 Antenna Connector MHF4 U.FL
ETH1 Chip1 Qualcomm IPQ8071A Qualcomm IPQ8071
Switch Qualcomm Atheros QCA8075 Qualcomm Atheros QCA8072

TP-Link opensource

TP-Link has their opensource code at . It looks like the GPL Code uses OpenWRT?

I've created a mirror here (since the license shows GPL):


Looking at FFCID page 12 , the screenshot shows IPQ8071. Qualcomm website has a marketing page showing the X60

The more important difference between A and non-A is the hardware revision of its wireless cores, ath11k only supports hw2.0 (ipq8071a), while hw1.0 (ipq8071) is unsupported (and likely never will be).


See robimarko's commit for more details!


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