Tp-link deco x60 v2

Is openwrt installable via the web interface on the tp-link deco x60?

I found this post that says there was a commit to add support:

But was the commit accepted?
There is no device page for the x60.


As you write yourself:

Reading more about the Deco series, I doubt there will be support for it.
Weird (ops?): Although there are no ToH pages for the following devices, but:
TP-Link Deco M4R v1, v4 and the TP-Link Deco S4 v2 are the only supported devices so far, as there is firmware for it @

Do you know if your device has a IPQ807X or IPQ807XA CPU?
As stated in your mentioned link, if it doesn't have an 'A' at the end, there will be no support for it. My guess is it does not have the 'A' @ the end.

If it does, you can always help and create the ToH page for the device.

Regards, DG.

The SOC is an IPQ8071A (no X) according to the FCC page.

The device seems similar to the


The 'X' stands for any number ... as long as it has an 'A' @ the end.
Although there is a page:
Without the 'A' ...

But weird is this:
There is NO IPQ8071A chip inside,
( frollic)
Shows a IPQ8071A chip inside?

I also do not know everything :slight_smile:

You could mention on the Deco X60 page the different models, which one will work and which do not and point to AX3600 as same device.


TP-Link has a history of having the same model # with different chipsets with USB adapters so I don't think TP-Link has a very good reputation.
Maybe when I can play with my network and other people are not relying on it I can't take it apart and take my own pictures. :slight_smile:

Not just USB, it can be ANYTHING. I recently bought a T2U (or named WDN5200 in China) that supposed to be Mediatek MT7610U WiFI, however when I plug in it's Realtek 8821.....then I noticed that it's V3 which is different from V1/V2.