Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi CR6606 (AX 2x2)

A few months ago Xiaomi released an interesting Wifi 6 device in China: CR6606.

"dual-core four-thread 880MHz" rings a bell, it looks like the router is based on MT7621A SoC used in many other Xiaomi routers which already have OpenWrt builds. Then the radios probably are MediaTek MT7915DA and MT7915DN just like in Totolink X5000R.
Other key specs are 256MB RAM, 128MB flash, 4 gigabit ports (1+3).

I can buy one in a few days (found it for sale nearby), but I doubt my knowledge is enough to take this forward. Do you have any other information?

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Looks like a promising device.
As Xiaomi locked all recent firmware versions on mt7621 based devices, it could be a hard way to "root" this one to flash something like OpenWrt.
Especially with NAND instead of NOR-Flash will be harder as we can not simply read and write the flash without soldering like on the mir3gv2.

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I've had it mostly working for quite some time now. Here's what has achieved so far:


  • Wired Networking
  • Wireless Networking
  • LEDs
  • Buttons
  • Legacy Image Boot (uImage)

Not Working:

  • FIT Image Boot

For further information and progress, see GitHub PR#4118.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts. Thanks!