Adding OpenWrt support for DIR-1360

Sorry for reviving this seemingly closed thread, but recently I'm doing some research on DIR-1360 and stumbled upon this thread :grinning:
It seems that DIR-1360 shares a lot of similarity with DIR-3060 (At least in terms of FW). So I'm also curious about if it's possible to port OpenWrt to DIR-1360, or there already exist a usable OpenWrt image for it?

Also, seems like no one have discovered or shared this before, so a little gift for people trying to port OpenWrt to this D-link product line:

Input http://[router IP]/start_telnet in your web browser or wget will start the telnet service even if the web server returns 404 not found.
And you can login with cred mentioned by @kar200 in the 23th reply :slight_smile:

I'm new to OpenWrt porting so please tell me what info I need to provide and I'll see what I can do!

Nice, I have been looking for a DIR-1360 for a while now lol.

A couple of questions please, does the recovery works for you? This is by holding the reset button down while booting up the device. If it does can you please send me a copy?

The DIR-853-A3 "which I have" is a clone of the 1360. Thanks to corona I have spent a few months learning and trying to have openwrt working for it. do you have access to the console? I managed to get openwrt, padavan and and a couple openwrt clones working.

If you are proficient enough to build an image I can send you the DTS and it's only a coupld more changes and you'll have a working openwrt. If not let me know if you are interested with the RC or the master image (reminds me I should probably publush it on github).