Add support for Xiaomi AX1800 Wifi 6 router

It would definitely be better to add ip/domains to the firewall (iptables) than to adblock. If you have full list of ip/domains - please share for other users.

Right, using iptables makes sense!
I might still block domains with adblock, and make a script to retrieve each IP associated with those domains (+ static ips), and drop them in iptables (and maybe add this to a cron?). Does that sound good to you?

Here is the list I've gathered for now, but it's not a complete list at all:
If you're interested maybe we should create a git or something

I think there's no right answer.... As there might also be exploits in the latest Chinese version on purpose :wink:
But if you trust Xiaomi support you should probably go with the official updates (thus xqrepack as the post mentioned)