Add support for TP-Link AX53

Hi @master8 ,

Is the AX53 has similar hardware as AX55?

Also what is the status for now?

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if you own one, you tell us.

According to WikiDevi, there's 2 HW revisions of AX53, v1 is IPQ5018 (no support yet in kernel) and v2 is BCM6756 (dead end). So yes, it's hardware is different than AX55 (runs Lantiq) but there's no support yet and may never be; first the SoC needs support, then the device itself.but

EDIT: I accidentally mixed up AX53 with AX55, but according to Add support Mercusys mr70x v2 and Tp-link ax53/55 it's IPQ0518, so at least v1 of the HW revisions looks to be the same but we can only verify that if you open up your device (I can't find any internal photos of AX53). So the above point above support still stands. Also see Add support for TP-LINK AX55 V1 - #2 by slh


Great!. I will get another 2 as I can get 2 for the price of 1. Will get it once the sales comes on and will dismantle it.

Hello !
I have an Archer AX53 V2 and I dissasembled it. The hardware is similar to the AX53 V1 and AX55 V1.
The CPU is the same: Quallcom IPQ0518, but the RAM seems to be cut in half (256MB) comparing to the V1 (512MB).
Hope this will help OpenWRT developers (and us :grinning:).
See the attached photos. Unfortunately, I had to combine all pictures in one because I'm a new user and the forum won't let me post more than one attachement.

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That implies an instant death penalty.

ath11k is very RAM hungry, 512 MB RAM are considered the bare minimum for OpenWrt on Qualcomm AX devices. With 256 RAM, this device will (very most likely) never be supported or supportable.

Did you check the underside of the PCB as well?
There might be a second RAM chip there.

Yes, I checked. There are no chips under side. There are two thermal pads but there is nothing under, probably they are used for back cooling only. See below photo.

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Unless you use a "smallbuffers" version or something like that.

Does not exist for ath11k, this isn't going to happen for ath11k and 256 MB RAM.

yes, there are different memory profiles, but…
…that it a compile time setting
…it's system-wide, not just a kernel module
…it would need excessive cutting for 256 MB RAM
…it's not going to happen, this device is a dead end.


just to clarify, ax53_v1 can be supported right? not instant death penalty?

v1 could be, v2 not, unless someone manage to reduce the mem requirements for ath11k.

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GitHub - hzyitc/openwrt-redmi-ax3000: Openwrt for Redmi AX3000 / Xiaomi CR8806 / Xiaomi CR8808 / Xiaomi CR8809 256mb ram the hardware platform is very close to ax53 GitHub - 8devices/openwrt-8devices at qsdk-12.0-ipq50xx-5.4

Using an older kernel and a QSDK, not Openwrt, it doesn't help at all.

…and even qsdk doesn't like 256 MB RAM at all, it's not as if all would be shiny there either.

little bit of context: I have v1 of this router, and it keeps on boot-looping after some time, so Amazon has refunded the amount, but have not picked up the router from me.

I'm willing to pick this device open and void warranties if anyone can guide me on what all they would need from me. I don't have much idea on dealing with routers (mostly have been working with a RPi4 as my router).

Any and all help and suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

If you're not prepared to do most of the adding yourself, there's really no point.