Add spport for TP-Link TL-MR3620

Would anyone be willing to add support for my router? This is the cheapest Dual Band router with USB port in my country I wanted to use this as print server but TP-links software is horrible. I have no problem opening the device and get logs etc for building of openwrt. Here are the following specifications I found ot myself this router does not have wikidevi:
I could not find fcc ID
Qualcomm Atheros QCA9561
16MB flash
1x USB 2.0
Product official downloads page

Also, I also wanted to know if Archer C59 is same as my model? Will I brick my router if I try to flash its firmware.

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I wouldn't until a lot more is known

well should i try to install its firmware? The specs look like they are pretty much same

Specifications or visual inspection don't tell you anything about the partition map, location of ART and MAC addresses, GPIOs, etc.

If you tell me how to capture that data ill surely give it.
I'll need serial port right like this
I'll go and buy it today

That one is probably as good as any -- make sure that it is set for 3.3 V logic before connecting it. You probably know this already, but you'll only need to (find and) connect RX, TX, and ground. TP-Link also has an annoying habit of "forgetting" to populate resistors around the serial port.

I have CP2102 now , how do i capture partition map, location of ART and MAC addresses, GPIOs, etc after finding out RX, TX. Do I have to connect 3.3V pin to my router?

Do not connect V+ of the adapter to the board. TX, RX, and ground are sufficient.

The partition map should be in the boot log, as well as /proc/mtd. Capturing the console boot log would be the first step, along with dmesg, assuming you can get a shell from the console.