Add OpenWrt for Xiaomi AX3000 2021

I have the RA80 version, please someone smarter then me develop a hack to get vlan10 working... small children of the world need the TikTok... Think of the poor children!

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I have SSH access to my AX3000 with FW 1.4.21. I want to install FW 1.0.46 Chinese on it. And another one i want to try to flash with openwrt.

I can use the xmir-patcher, but cant take an Backup oder update the Firmware. Any Idea why? Or whats wrong here?
With SSH i can also access all die Files. I can creat Backup with SHH but i want to flash the Firmware and there i need help please.


Select: 3

Detect valid SSH server on port 22 (auth OK)
Download file: "/tmp/dmesg.log" ....

ERROR: Partition list is empty!

Select: 7

Image files in directory "firmware/":
Download file: "/tmp/dmesg.log" ....

ERROR: Partition list is empty!

I have two RA82 units, but it seem is not easy to follow the thread .... it's a mess.
It would be nice that someone will add the tested method to the "table of hardware", it's not easy for users taking their first steps.

Try new version XMiR-patcher:

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@DaHype how can you access SSH?

SSH works, i installed perm. access.
But i cant use Channels above 48. Of course i set Region to DE where the channels allowed.
But it shown in Mesh Mode not available. How it´s possible to unlock the channels?
May with an Command?


can you keep the config after reboot?

I used DE region too, i think is an 802.11krv standard related, of course same "issue" with stock version.

You mean SSH access? Yes, after Reboot the SSH keep stay.
But i only can select 5GHz Channels above 50 when i only use one AX3000 in Router Mode without Mesh.
When i use one AX3000 in Router Mode and connect another one, or two so like Mesh, the Router change automatically to 5Ghz channels under 50 as in Picture shown.
I had another System before from Germany Telekom and there channels above 100 also in Mesh Mode available.

The annoying issue is that anything outside of /etc/config (and some other folders) do not survive the reboot.

and uboot related

Trying to evaluate the pros and cons