Add OpenWrt for Xiaomi AX3000 2021

I have the RA80 version, please someone smarter then me develop a hack to get vlan10 working... small children of the world need the TikTok... Think of the poor children!

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I have SSH access to my AX3000 with FW 1.4.21. I want to install FW 1.0.46 Chinese on it. And another one i want to try to flash with openwrt.

I can use the xmir-patcher, but cant take an Backup oder update the Firmware. Any Idea why? Or whats wrong here?
With SSH i can also access all die Files. I can creat Backup with SHH but i want to flash the Firmware and there i need help please.


Select: 3

Detect valid SSH server on port 22 (auth OK)
Download file: "/tmp/dmesg.log" ....

ERROR: Partition list is empty!

Select: 7

Image files in directory "firmware/":
Download file: "/tmp/dmesg.log" ....

ERROR: Partition list is empty!

I have two RA82 units, but it seem is not easy to follow the thread .... it's a mess.
It would be nice that someone will add the tested method to the "table of hardware", it's not easy for users taking their first steps.

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Try new version XMiR-patcher:

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@anon9092184 how can you access SSH?

SSH works, i installed perm. access.
But i cant use Channels above 48. Of course i set Region to DE where the channels allowed.
But it shown in Mesh Mode not available. How it´s possible to unlock the channels?
May with an Command?


can you keep the config after reboot?

I used DE region too, i think is an 802.11krv standard related, of course same "issue" with stock version.

You mean SSH access? Yes, after Reboot the SSH keep stay.
But i only can select 5GHz Channels above 50 when i only use one AX3000 in Router Mode without Mesh.
When i use one AX3000 in Router Mode and connect another one, or two so like Mesh, the Router change automatically to 5Ghz channels under 50 as in Picture shown.
I had another System before from Germany Telekom and there channels above 100 also in Mesh Mode available.

**Security:** WPA3 Enhanced Open, PRNG, TKIP, WPS, WPA3 Personal, WPA2, WEP, WAPI2, WPA3 Enterprise, WPA3 Easy Connect

**Features:** TxBF, MU-MIMO, OFDMA, Target Wake Time, Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™, Qualcomm® Wi-Fi SON

Seems WPA3 enterprise is disabled.

Collected errors:
 * opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 1.
 * opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 1.
 * opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 1

Snapshot was deleted, and stable release have not support for IPQ5000.

SSH is easy to get using XMiR-Patcher

For permanent ssh access, option 9 and then 7.

@remittor @ScotchTartan

Thank you for your invaluable contributions!

Just wanted to confirm if using XMiR-patcher you can get permanent ssh access for ax3000 with a single unit? (Other methods I've seen require 2 units)


I tried two routers.
But don't worry about that, you can try it with just one router, you don't need to flash to get ssh access.

@ScotchTartan Hey, i wasn't able to get the current status of the effort for the Openwrt on the AX3000, just to know i am gettting 2 of these as an alternative to my ISP supplied combo (will only use it for getting the internet). will i be able to get it out of the xiaomi ecosystem ? or are we far from that ?

I would not recommend you AX3000, there are better options like Mikrotik, Netgear, Ubiquity, asus, tplink and so on. Right now, there is not official openwrt firmware, official firmware it's based on an old edition of Openwrt with very poor customization. No WPA2 or 3 enterprise, no VLAN, ......

I just got 2 of the nodes (usually sold in 2 packs) for about $70 which is not bad, they are used but without a scratch. I was able to set one of them up but it seems the firmware is causing my ssh connections to drop as well as some lag in my video calls.
i guess i'll use the other one to try the current custom firmware

I have a a 3000 global version and try to flash Chinese from on it via xmir patcher and I think I brick it there is any way to recovery it?

I was given a two pack of AX3000 and unfortunately I saw that it didn't have openWrt support. i happened to see this topic. other than getting access via ssh, is there any progress on openWrt support?

I unlocked ssh on them and did some tweaking in /etc/hosts to calm these bad boys from connecting DDoSing

The web interface (and wifi management) still crashes after some time (every 3 days up to 1 week), i'm not sure why yet, i need to investigate, i wonder if that's specific to my units.
Either way I pray for an openwrt port, can help with basic things, but my firmware knowledge isn't that good.

What tweaking?