Add OpenWrt for Xiaomi AX3000 2021

Serial console is disabled by default in both boot-loader and linux… need to change bootloader configuration area to enable and then fix crc and write back.

do you know how to break it ? Coz my CN version without vlan tagging, need to either change to openwrt or flash with EU version.

the only way is via ttl..

1st -- dissemble the unit and connect the ttl
2nd -- use tftp recovery to load the latest firmware (for better stability)
3rd -- after flashed completed (white led flash consistently) reset the unit ***** important here
4th -- keep pressing any key once you reconnected the power, this is the only chance to get into uboot.
5th -- then you can use setenv to enable ssh and telnet also the uart
6th -- for permanent enable you need to edit bdata.