Add Openwrt for Xiaomi AX3000 2021


I am willing to receive the Xiaomi router AX3000 (2021). I hope to be able to customize it deeply using Openwrt. I look forward to receiving this patch soon. Thank you so much

Some basic specifications:

I hope you got mad coding skills ....

Pain, love his music, awesome nick.

It will take a lot of efforts to get it working, as its mainline status is far behind ipq807x and ipq60xx - but you also depend on the (incomplete) work that has gone into ipq807x support, as those cut down SOCs borrow heavily from it. 256 MB RAM sounds pretty marginal (if not to say outright insufficient for ath11k) as well. Don't hold your hopes high, it'll be a long and difficult process to get working.

If you expect to get a working device within reasonable time, this is not the SOC (nor device) to choose.


Thanks for the compliments :triumph:

Thanks you.
I hope there will be a solution. Because I want to take advantage of the available Raspberry Pi 4b - 8Gb. Hence I ordered this Xiaomi AX3000 device. I will install Openwrt on the Pi4. And want to remove some hidden features of the original firmware

"Someone" will have to invest the time and effort necessary, a lot of it - but I don't see anyone lining up for that task for the time being. If you want to get it supported, the job would be yours for the taking.

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I'm looking out. I'm a newbie hoping to progress in this project

I wouldn't hold my breath.

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