Add new Platform IPQ5018 and device Cudy P5 ( Dual Sim, 5G Router)

Did anyone try to flash Cudy P5 with OpenWrt ( or it will brick router ) ?

My router hardware:
CPU: Qualcomm 1 GHz Dual Core CPU ( IPQ5018 )
4G Module:: RM520N (Qualcomm X62)
DRAM: DDR3 256 MB (2Gbit)
Flash: Nand 128 MB (1Gbit)
4 x GbE RJ45: 1 GbE WAN/LAN + 3 GbE LAN
2 x SIM Slots (Nano)
Firmware 1.15.15-20230616-112055
Model P5
Hardware P5 V1.0

Using which image ?

You may want to checkout this thread:

A week ago some people there managed to boot a 6.1 kernel, Networking support seems working, or near that.

Hi, I would also be interested in being able to use openwrt directly on the Cudy P5. Starting from here is it possible to do something?
I imagine that even if you updated those files and recompiled everything you would still have to sign the firmware to be able to install it directly, right?
We could probably open it and flash directly but it's not simple and immediate.

Thank you

The post above yours is still relevant.

thanks, I didn't understand that. I'll try reading that thread