Adblock support thread


I'm having problems with adblock at some point blocking sites that are not on the block list, if I turn adblock off and on again it works again, but it's really weird and annoying
is this a known issue?


I'm planning to buy a new dual core Qualcomm router upon which to install OpenWRT, but I want to do some research first so I know what I'm getting myself into. My goal is to get adblock working with DNSCrypt, behind a WireGuard connection to a commercial VPN provider.

From what I can tell, this looks like the best project to facilitate the adblock portion of that setup, but I'm struggling to understand what will be required to get it working with DNSCrypt---the documentation looks rather brief there, and not explicit enough to get a new user up and running.

Is there step by step directions for getting adblock with DNSCrypt set up somewhere?


A bit more information would help: which sources are enabled, which urls/domains are no longer available?


For dnscrypt adblock just generate the blocklist (by default in /tmp/adb_list.overall) - nothing more. Just reference this file in your dnscrypt config and you're done.


some .party domains is where I noticed it the most, then after turning it off and on again it was fine, didn't find them with the query tool

I have: adaway, blacklist, disconnect, malwarelist, ransomware, reg_de, windspy, yoyo


The lists are pretty standard ... but I can't help/reproduce your problem without a concrete domain - sorry.


happens on

only after adblock has been on for a while though


as soon as I disable adblock it works


Thanks for the information, unfortunately I can't reproduce your problem. Maybe a out of memory condition on your router. Remove the quite big "reg_de" source and look if this effect disappear ...


I don't think it's out of memory
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I have built 18.06-RC2 for Asus RT-N56U. When I include Adblock (v3.5.2-1) the devices connected through wifi will lose connection every few minutes. This happens even when the only thing I do is adding a root password and starting the wifi, but not enabling Adblock. Suggestions?

[Solved] Wifi disconnects using Asus RT-N56U and 18.06 RC2

No, sorry.


I'm now pretty sure the problem was caused by mwan3, sorry for the confusion.


@dibdot Thanks so much -- I just started using adblock and was hoping for a feature to nice cpu-heavy parts of the pre-processing. But I can't seem to find the configuration in the GUI, so wondering if this is included already or still a WIP (or I'm just blind to it)?


The nice level stuff is in forthcoming 3.5.4 update (see Pull Requests here and here). If all goes well I'll push them this evening ... :sunglasses:

After a grace period of 2-3 weeks I plan to backport all the LuCI frontend changes to 18.06 tree as well.

Edit: The new LuCI extra option 'Low Priority Service' sets the nice level to '10', of course you could fine tune this directly in the config.


This is great news. Thank you for your time and efforts sharing this with the community, Dirk.


@dibdot I found another source of blocklists ( which seems to be a domain-only cleaned set of lists used by Pi-Hole. The lists (EasyList, EasyPrivacy, AdGuard DNS, and NoCoin) are already parsed and therefore quite neat and tidy and seem to be refreshed daily from the upstream sources.

If I was to add the following list:

config source 'easylist'
	option adb_src ''
	option adb_src_rset 'BEGIN{FS=\"[/|^|\r]\"}/^\|\|([^([:space:]|#|\*|\/).]+\.)+[[:alpha:]]+([\/\^\r]|$)/{print tolower(\$3)}'
	option adb_src_desc 'easylist domains only'
	option enabled '0'

How would I modify your parsing line accordingly? Since these are already parsed/cleaned lists down to a simple domain only per line, I'm not familiar with the parsing commands and wondering if you could show me what to put for your parsing line. Thank you.


Take the following config section, should work (untested):

config source 'easylist'
	option adb_src ''
	option adb_src_rset '/^([^([:space:]|#|\*|\/).]+\.)+[[:alpha:]]+([[:space:]]|$)/{print tolower(\$1)}'
	option adb_src_desc 'easylist domains only'
	option enabled '1'


Thank you. This is working very well.


Just for your information: the current adblock version 3.5.4v2 (backend & frontend) are in mainline 18.06 tree, too and part of the next stable release - 18.06 will probably official announced in the next few hours.