Adblock support thread


Now release 3.5.3 is in trunk with the following changes:

  • enhance the whitelist function. Now sub-domains could be whitelisted
    (e.g. ''), even if the correspondent tld is
    blacklisted (e.g. '') - this makes whitelisting
    much more flexible and predictable
  • rework the domain query function to adapt the whitelist changes
  • refine startup error checks/messages
  • small fixes


Today i've realised that my overall domains were set 0 and i think its because my cron script reconnects pppoe/wan at a specific time so i have to click "save and apply" via GUI to make adblock working again...
My "start up trigger is wan" and i have "Force Local DNS" and "Flush DNS Cache" ticked, the rest is default...
Is there a way to fix this ? Any ideas ?


Can i enable adblock only for specific ip/mac ?


Hard to say without any (debug) logs. Please doublecheck that the startup trigger is correct. If so, you can add a "Trigger Delay" in the adblock LuCI Frontend, e.g. set it to 30 to add additional 30 seconds waiting time for your pppoe connection.


See here Adblock support thread


Thanks dibdot, i'll give it a try...
If it doesn't work for me i'll post my (debug) logs if i know how to enable those. :wink:


I've added a trigger delay of 30secs and it fixed my problem !!!! Ty again...
Btw, is the "Flush DNS Cache" option needed/useful ? I'm using adblock + dnscrypt-proxy...


Thanks for your feedback. The above option is useless with a "dumb" backend like dnscrypt-proxy, adblock will always do a usual restart action after blocklist update.

This option is only useful for backward compability. Without that option the other backends (dnsmasq, unbound, kresd, bind) benefit from faster restarts, preserve caches, logs etc.


I had my dns backend set to dnsmasq, my fault. But was adblock was working fine even with dnsmasq.
Now i've changed it to dnscrypt-proxy... I guess that's right in my case ?
And i unticked the option "Flush DNS Cache".


Please forgive me if this has been asked before.
Is there any way to use the wally3k block-list collection with this? I know it's made for a different software, but I'd like to forgo that software and have ad-blocking done directly in the router and preferably through Unbound.


Most of the referenced lists are simple hosts list, just take an existing host source definition like 'adaway', make small adaptions and add the new entry to your adblock config ...


I have a suggestion: Give automatically the download utility, overall sort, processing and backup a low nice/priority level if triggered. That way the adblock processing new data will take less ressources from systems that are running on high load or have limited ressources. Specially interesting on system having only one core.

PS: So far i known, the stable version will have soon a thread limiter or am i wrong?


Thanks, maybe a good one. Currently I have no time to test that, but maybe you'll find the time to check that on your own. To start all adblock related processes with low priority add the following one-liner to your /etc/init.d/adblock:

        procd_open_instance "adblock"
        procd_set_param command "${adb_script}" "${@}"
        procd_set_param pidfile "${adb_pidfile}"
        procd_set_param nice 19                          # that's the new line
        procd_set_param stdout 1
        procd_set_param stderr 1

Please report back your findings - thanks.


Thank you.

So far i can see, none of the high load generating processes (for me: awk, sort, wget, tar), respected that.

Another addition to this topic: the DNS Backend should stay untouched as an important part of the router. Until you find a way just to give the restart a low priority.


Hmm, just tested ... and I see the new nice level, e.g.:


Please stop & start the adblock init so that procd make use of the new nice level.

the dns backends run in their own procd context, e.g. unbound is still running with default nice level:



Sorry for OT but 4 cores + 4 gb ram ?! God dammit, what kind of device are you using ?? :wink:


My bad, now it works as intended. Under high load adblock now take a while to process new data, but the other processes and even irqs produced from sqm are, so far i can see and understand, nearly untouched.


it's a swiss made apu2 device, see here


cool, I'll made this configurable with the next update.


Thank you for sharing this.