Adblock support thread


This is great news and quite exciting. However, I am still having trouble with the latest front end package (luci-app-adblock_git-18.213.60274-7d69fa6-1_all.ipk) from the 18.06 directory.

The auto detect is not detecting wget like it used to.
The log file is a bunch of html within the log box.
The overview shows no runtime info at all for me.
The Suspend and Refresh buttons are inaccessible.

Clearly I have done something wrong here and I apologize for having to take up some of your time. But can you provide me with some troubleshooting steps for this? Thank you.

So far I have just deleted the adblock config file and started with a fresh config and restarted the adblock service but unfortunately it did not fix it for me.

For what it's worth, when I SCP into the router, in the tmp folder, the adb_runtime.json and adb_list.overall files are proper and correctly updated. So I believe that adblock is working correctly for me, but not the front end display in luci.


That's expected - there is no auto-detection at all since 3.0 ...:wink: ... it has been removed during early Turris Omnia support implementation, things went too complex and error prone. Please simply select your favourite download tool and adblock will use this (default is uclient-fetch).

Did you already reset your LuCI-Caches (rm -rf /tmp/luci-*)? If not, please do so and look again. If that does not help, please post the output of:

opkg list-installed | grep -E "^luci|^adblock"
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Thank you, Dirk. It seems that clearing the LuCI cache fixed the problem for me in this case. All is good now.

For future reference, would rebooting the router also clear the LuCI cache?


Yes, as long as /tmp is mounted on tmpfs (that's the default).


I'm getting an error re-installing after a system upgrade. I got ...

root@LEDE:~# opkg install adblock
Installing adblock (3.5.4-2) to root...
Configuring adblock.
Collected errors:
 * resolve_conffiles: Existing conffile /etc/config/adblock is different from the conffile in the new package. The new conffile will be placed at /etc/config/adblock-opkg.

Everything else was OK. Should I worry about this? How do I make it go away? Regards, & thanks for the package.


Everything ok, next time re-read last line of the error message ;- )


Hey to all,

Is there an option to also remove the ad space from a site?
see example.

Also prevent new browser instances from opening with an ad?
see example.

I would like to disable every adblock add on from my pcs and use only this one inside openwrt
but I'm facing those two problems.
Thanks a lot for your time.


Doppel-D wrote Everything ok, next time re-read last line of the error message ;- )

Thanks for that and it's good to know there's nothing wrong. I have read the message - more than once - but I don't understand it. We have a new conffile at /etc/config/adblock-opkg, but is it being used or just parked there for reference? This is the second time I've seen this message (maybe third) so if the file at adblock-opkg is being used then it looks like the error message will get repeated at each upgrade because opkg is looking elsewhere (message: "Existing conffile /etc/config/adblock is different ..."). If the new file isn't being used I guess some or all of it should be copied to /etc/config/adblock. At this point I have to give up, in confusion.


Hello Stephen,
you got it right. The newly file isn't used because you made a sysupgrade and wanted to keep your old settings.

Sometimes it's helpful to keep the old files to save you some work, sometimes if something changed deeply you would be better off with the new config file. It depends.

If you want to be on the safe side and haven't made extensive custom changes I would advice to use the newly ones simply by remove the -opkg part of the filename and overwrite the old one. Be aware you start with default values! You have to SSH to your router.

On the other hand when everything is working well you can leave it as is and investigate only if something is not working as intended.


Doppel-D Thanks for all that. As far as I remember, I have an installation straight out of the box. I'll copy /etc/config/adblock somewhere safe and rename /etc/config/adblock-opkg, restart & check things work. Then it's 18.06.01 and we'll see what happens (without worrying too much either way). Regards, Stephen


There is an also an option for backup/restore config under System/Backup+Flash Firmware

Restore 17.01.4 backup to 18.06.1

yes, there exist a workaround for firefox - see here: Adblock support thread

you can't, cause that's triggered by client side javascript. Personally i use the plugin "noscript" for that ...


just an additional information: you can always force the opkg package manager to use the maintainers config with the optional parameter "--force-maintainer"

@Doppel-D: thanks for your support! :+1:


You helped me :- )


@dibdot Thank you for answer will check it out!


Anyone using this with dnscrypt-proxy2? What's the proper way to configure the two?


I don't use dnscrypt-proxy, therefore only a common indication: select dnscrypt-proxy as DNS-Backend in adblock. ... you will find the generated blocklist in /tmp/adb_list.overall. Reference this file in your dnscrypt configuration (toml-file!?) as domain blacklist - that's it.


I've got a simplistic question. I've been using adblock with dnsmasq as the backend even though I do use dnscrypt-proxy v2. Everything seems to work fine. Should I change the backend to dnscrypt-proxy? Is there a performance advantage for doing so?


No, just keep your current/working configuration. Personally I use unbound (which supports DNS-TLS) and/or dnsmasq plus getdns/stubby as a DNS-TLS proxy in front of ... so no performance measurements regarding dnscrypt-proxy from my side.



I've been using Adblock for the last 2 years with no issues and working fine.
For the last 2 weeks I realized YouTube has changed "something" and now adblock is not blocking the 100x100 of ads (tested in 2 smart TVs).

Any idea what could I do/change from my config?