Adblock not working

Hello, I am running Openwrt on an asl25666. the firmware is OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292

this is my first experience with openwrt.

my current setup is the openwrt router as AP connected to my main router by Ethernet.

I have installed the adblock and the luci-app-adblock as the wiki says. I have installed also libustream-mbedtls and libustream-openssl (I do not know if they are concurrent) and luci-ssl-openssl, ca-bundle, ca-certificates following these theads:
[Solved] Adblock on LEDE 17.01.4: does not load blocklist sources

here is an screenshot of my configuration:

when the router starts I get following log:
Fri Oct 25 17:52:26 2019 user.err adblock-3.5.5-2[945]: 'dnsmasq' not running or not executable
Fri Oct 25 17:52:27 2019 user.err adblock-3.5.5-2[945]: Please also check '/'

when I try detectadblock it shows me that I am allowing ads.

what can I do?

Thank you

@javierru, welcome to the community!

First, for Adblock - only install one. I suggest libustream-mbedtls. You may have SSL library conflicts.

So to install Adblock, you:

opkg update
opkg install adblock luci-app-adblock libustream-mbedtls

Did you disable DHCP on LAN?

Most probably you're running adblock on a dumb AP setup (without DNS Server), that's not supported ... see readme.

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Yes I am running a dumb AP,
I followed this for setting it up:

I did not trust myself to flash my main router. there is a solution for my configuration? can I configure my openwrt router as an AP with DNS in my local network?

Thank you

The easiest thing is to just to use the main router as gateway to the internet and do not directly connect other hosts to this router.

Then you reset the AP to standard configuration. And plugin a cable from main router into the wan port. Be careful, that the two resulting networks are different in IP address space. Now you can do that adblock stuff. :smiley: Further, look at such things as Nat Offloading, that speeds up the OpenWrt router.

[Main Router]<--- <---> [OpenWrt] <--- ----> (Main Network)

do you know about any nebwy friendly tutorial on how to set it up?

I have been looking in
but to me the only other option that sounds like what i want to do is bridged AP, but there is the following note:
Note: This recipe results in a bridged LAN that will work fine for home and small networks. It is similar to the “Dumb AP” recipe at dumbap. These pages should probably be merged.

thank you

What are you trying to setup to be exact?

It seems like you are just failing to simply keep dnsmasq and Adblock on - since you want ads blocked.

What option?

Try describing how you want the AP to work and how you want it to block ads.

Personally I just:

  • Assign the LAN IP, mask, gateway and DNS servers to the subnet of my current router
  • To use Adblock though, the AP would have to become my DNS server
    • use DHCP on the AP and turn off DHCP on router; or
    • configure router to use DHCP Option No. 6 to issue the AP as your DNS server

I want an router running adblocker, the problem is that until I trust myself to take a try on the main router I prefer to use my old router as a playground.

The options of the website, for configuring wireless, I was not able to find "the not dummy AP"

If i understood correctly that is what you do when you configure a dummy AP right?
on steps 3 and 4 in

After reseting my openwrt router, I have configured the AP. Now following the dumb ap tutorial, I have to set my openwrt ip to, point the gateway to and, to set the "not dumb AP" the DNS to

And then ignore step 4: Then scroll down and select the checkbox “Ignore interface: Disable DHCP for this interface.”
and step 6: In the top menu go to System → Startup, and disable firewall, dnsmasq and odhcpd in the list of startup scripts.

And do not forget to disable DHCP in my main router.

does it sound right or am I just making angry the networking gods? :smiley:

Thank you for all your help!

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