Adblock DNS block request from WAN

So,let comes to the point i'm using openwrt latest firmware on my TP-Link Archer_C6 i just flash openwrt a week ago and install as fast as possible adblock package everything working well.
The adblock working fine for those device directly connect to router.But i want access adblock DNS server from wan side,if i scan port from WAN only show (port-53) and other are blocked,but they don't work,some kind of firewall blocking DNS request from WAN

My goal to setup DNS like PiHole server

One more thing i install pptp server today,port-1723 only able access in local network,not working from Wan side,i'm not familiar to advance linux code

Ports are opened in the FW section of openwrt.

I'd really recommend to set your pihole up on aVPS, instead of punching a hole in the firewall.

Or use one of the public open piholes out there.

Bro,for security reason and latency i don't want to use public DNS.Acher_c6(adblock) is not my main router its in my local network and want to block ads on other router which lie in my local network but openwrt firewall blocking DNS request coming from wan

Different port, add UDP as well.

i don't understand this
can you clearly guide me what i do in firewall

something like this

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