Allow SSH on WAN


I have a Netgear R6220 running OpenWrt 19.07.4 just installed with default configuration. I'd like to allow ssh on wan port. When I go in luci in system -> administration -> ssh access no matter what interface I select, it always deny my access.

Do I miss some other configuration somewhere else?

Note that this is a testing envoirenment, I'm on LAN, this router's wan is basically my lan private IP.

Please stay in topic: this is not a topic about how is safe or why I should allow SSH over WAN port, jsut about how to do it. Thank you

You'll have to open the port in the firewall as well.


By default dropbear is set to listen to port 22 on all interfaces, so you don't have to change anything there. But the default firewall blocks it on the wan zone so you need to go to the firewall "Open ports on router" source: wan, dest_port: 22, and proto tcp.


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