Accessing my bridged modem web interface through openwrt router

my setup is as follow, VDSL through a telephone line, rj11 goes into my tp link VR600, which is being used as a modem in bridge mode, the VR600 is connected through one of it's lan ports to the wan port of a TP-Link ER605 v2,, running openwrt, everything works great, I can access luci on, & I've a dlink 2888a router being used as a dumb ap connected to my openwrt router, I gave it the ip of which also works great, I can access it's web interface from any device connected wirelessly or to the openwrt router, what I can't access is the VR600 web interface, how to set that up, here're my interfaces in openwrt

& devices

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Assuming your modem's IP address is and it is connected to the router's WAN interface.

  1. On the General Settings tab specify:
  • IPv4 address:

  • IPv4 netmask:

I don't understand is my modem ip different from the ip on which the web interface is available? or why is the first one 100.1 & second one 100.2

Your WAN presumably has a public IP so there is no route to the private ip of the modem
The instructions @slh pointed to should take care of that.

But it only works if the modem will be on another subnet then

It looks like the default address of the TP-Link ER605 v2 is and unless it has been changed that should be good and you should be able to use as IP-address for the WAN

the TP-link ER605 is my main router with openwrt on it, it's address is, the VR600 is the one in bridge mode and I set it to use the address, turned off dhcp on it, and put it in bridge mode, then did all the steps mentioned "luci instructions", & assigned to the modem interface per instructions, but it's not working, I still can't reach the VR600 on, nor ping it, what am I doing wrong

My bad the VR600 should have as default:

So on the ER605 you have to make an extra interface with IPv4 address with mask

yes I changed the default to, since I've my openwrt one on, & set the 'modem' interface to but it's not working still

just figured it out, it was the last section on the linked article, since I'm ppoe "If the WAN L2 device doesn't match L3 device like in case of PPPoE, change the modem interface.", changed to eth0 in my case

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thank you, done

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