Access Points talk to Router?

I am in the process of changing out my Ruckus 7273 access points with newer models. I have an Ethernet backbone for each device. I have tested a lot of things so far with OpenWRT and the Ruckus r510.

The Ruckus Unleashed software sees other Access points on the network and shows what clients are connected to each access point along with signal quality from a web UI page.

If all of my devices run OpenWRT, is there an option or package that has this capability? To see this information (or more) from a single dashboard? I know each individual dumb ap has options like this on the status page but you have to navigate to each one.

I am trying to decide to roll out Ruckus r510 devices or dumb access points running OpenWRT (I was impressed with the MR42).

Take a look at Dawn, which may do what you want.

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Thank you! I did a quick search and found one image here .

I will do some more digging to see what I come up with. Having visuals like the Ruckus screen above may help people wanting to implement DAWN.