Access OpenWrt network devices on ISP router network

I have two routers 1st from ISP ( another one OpenWrt (, I can access ISP router on openwrt but openwrt not working on ISP network. I want to use openwrt connected network drives and printer on both network.

Please suggest

Does your isp router support static routes?

Also, are you using your openwrt router to extend your WiFi coverage, or do you want it to create a unique network?

Is your ISP router connected to OpenWrt's WAN port? If yes, then the firewall blocks the connection and you are double-NATing.

Yes, how i can resolve the issue, what configuration need to apply?
Please suggest.

configure your openwrt device as dumb AP instead, unless you explicitly need the 2nd NAT.

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Thanks @frollic , I have applied and its working, but question here, is firewall and adblock and other rules will work for connect devices? Also I am worried about vpn service

As i checked, i have some rules in firewall and blocked some website, now no rules working. Please suggest another way this is not which I want. Thanks :pray:

can you customize the DNS and default gw on the main, non-openwrt router ?
if not, dumb AP isn't the way to go.

perhaps you shouldn't have omitted those "tiny" details in the initial post...

I’ll ask again because it is relevant:

As i can see, is this option you are talking about?

Yes. You can use a static route to avoid double nat. With this, you can turn off masquerading on your openwrt wan zone, and then create a forward rule from wan > lan.

Your static route will look like:
Gateway 192.168.0.x

Where x is the wan address off your openwrt router.

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Okay thanks @psherman, what configuration i need to apply with my ISP router for static route (shared screenshot above)

I just told you. Although I don’t know what options you have in the two drop downs.

I am little confused, my openwrt router address is then how i can replace '0.x' here? ISP router running with

Previously you had the wan of your openwrt device connected to the lan of your isp router. The wan would have therefore had an address on your isp router’s lan in the network.

thanks @psherman, I tried many things, still not working, can we switch on another solution, as i can see i have bridge mode option with ISP modem lan port, can we handle it with openwrt? is this can help to connect both network into one?


If you engage bridge mode, theoretically your ISP device becomes just a modem and then passes the ISP provided IP address to the next device dwnstream. If you do this, you'll avoid double-NAT on your OpenWrt router, and you'd put everything behind the OpenWrt router itself. Then, if you want to create multiple networks for any reason, you could do that fairly easily within OpenWrt.

So, now is a good time to ask why some devices are/were still connected to the ISP device... obviously the ones behind your OpenWrt router were being setup with Adblock and other rules, per your earlier response... why not all devices behind OpenWrt? The answer to this will help us understand if you should setup 2 networks on your OpenWrt router, or just go with one.

Thanks a lot @psherman for your valuable response, Actually the issue is area of coverage. ISP router can cover 1/2 and rest 1/2 i am doing with my openwrt. This is only the reason.

Are you referring to: WiFi, Ethernet or both?

I am using Ethernet for ISP to openwrt, rest of allconnected with wifi

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