About Openwrt support for Archer tp link c6 v4

In openwrt 23.05, will there be support for tp link Archer c6 v4 ? I want to buy a new router.Iam thinking to buy Archer c6 v4 but if it will not be supported by openwrt than I won't buy it. I will go for c6 v3.

What does the ToH say?


Given that h/w revision v4 of the Archer c6 isn't supported in master so far, chances for 23.05.x are just about zero.

While there are no hardware specifications about v4 to be found anywhere, the OEM firmware download being 3.8 MB large (down from 14.8 MB on the v3) strongly suggests that this revision is only equipped with a 4 MB flash chip (insufficient) and probably 16-32 MB RAM (also insufficient, which makes it rather safe to assume that this hardware will never ve supported by OpenWrt.