A friendly reminder to not flash Heinz back_to_stock RE450 firmware file via LuCi/SSH

A friendly reminder to folks with a OpenWRT flashed RE450 who want to revert back to stock. There is special "back_to_stock" firmware file prepared from @Heinz. In this post he wrote, that it is fine to use the image file for flashing with sysupgrade -f re450_back_to_stock.bin or LuCI.

This is one of method to back to stock firmware, Second method is use my "back_to_stock" firmware like sysupgrade file. You can use LuCI ( system - firmware upgrade) or ssh command line ( sysupgrade -f back_to_stock.bin )

I prepare this back-to-stock firmware by dump and merge kernel and rootfs from flash chip.

I just did that and it bricked my device. The wiki page isn't saying anything about the special "back_to_stock" firmware file but says:

Do not attempt to flash vendor firmware from LuCI, this will brick your device.

Heinz firmware file isn't mentioned. vendor firmware ≠ "back_to_stock" firmware

Do not flash the re450_back_to_stock.bin file from this thread. It will brick you device.

Follow up: If someone knows to unbrick the device (RE450 V 2.1) please tell me.

See Online tool to convert TP-Link stock firmwares to sysupgrade-compatible images

Best regards, Thomas

Nice to know. I was about to do that. I thought that was the way to go. I have a re450 v3, and the question is: how I can put the stock firmware on it? Do we know of any working technique?