8188eu drivers

I am using a awus036hnv which has a 8188eu chipset I can't get it to work with the drivers in the feeds is this card not supported?

Is your device listed here???

Yes my device Alfa hornet is listed that is working it's the wireless usb card Alfa awus036hnv that I can't get to work

Have you installed the rtl8188eu-firmware package?

opkg update
opkg install rtl8188eu-firmware

Yes I have the firmware installed

What is the correct driver

Since it's USB...have you installed kmod-usb-core and/or kmod-rtlwifi-usb???

Yes they are both installed


(I'm simply doing web searches for your chip and USB Ralink here: https://openwrt.org/packages/table/start)

It's not a ralink
It's realtek

See: https://openwrt.org/packages/table/start?dataflt[Description_wiki*~]=realtek

Hope this helps.

There are multiple 8188 drivers.

It's a 8188eu none seem to work

Are you SURE the device works with Linux????

It does work with linux

The correct module would be rtl8xxxu from the mainline kernel (mac80211 respectively), I haven't checked if it's packaged in LEDE though.

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Yes that driver is recognised but doesn't seem to switch the card on

When you say "switch the card on..."

Do you see it when typing ifconfig???

If so, you need to configure Wireless and attach it to an Interface.

It does seem to work but won't work in ap mode which is what I wanted. Does this driver not work as a ap

iw list should show the recognized capabilities. Assuming it's not a "legacy" driver that is being picked up.

It says managed or monitor modes available

It is a USB device...it's likely that the device doesn't do AP mode, only Client mode. You could use it to connect it to another Wireless Network...but you cannot service clients without AP mode.

From my device:

Supported interface modes:
	 * IBSS
	 * managed
	 * AP
	 * monitor
	 * mesh point