802.1X dynamic VLAN with DSA config

Hi, for some time I am using the configuration described here: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/wireless.security.8021x for setting up dynamic VLAN assignments to wireless clients. It is working pretty well and I am more or less happy with this approach.

Right now, I´ve got my hands on a new router, that is using DSA instead of the legacy switch. Could anyone help me with how should I set up the DSA or alter the config for the dynamic VLAN assignment? For now, according to the tutorial from KB article, I´ve created new bridge called br-vlan, enable VLAN filtering and define the VLANs. But this is creating only one bridge and multiple VLAN (802.1q) devices.

For comparsion, screenshot from the legacy switch config:

and from DSA based router:

Could anyone help me, how should I alter the wifi config to achieve the same functionality on the new device?