802.11r Issue iPhone / iPad but ok with Macmini


I actually have an open ticket under the "development" queue asking if MWLWIFI driver update are included in the latest stable public build 19.07.03.

The reason I had a particular interest in this is because there was a comment that 802.11r seems to be working. I heard before that this isn't working due to issues with the mwlwifi updates for both my WRT1900ACSv2 and WRT3200ACM.

Regardless of the feedback from that topic, I have some known issues now for which I have made this new topic. I have setup a roaming SSID "ConVince-Roaming" using this forum post as a guide 802.11r Fast Transition below is my config:

The issue I have is that my macmini is able to successfully connect but not my iPad pro and iPhone despite these devices supporting 802.11r as described in this Apple support page:

On my iPad when I join the roaming SSID immediately after entering password I get the error "Unable to join Network" :frowning:


Hope you guys can help me with this. Thanks much in advance! :slight_smile:



Bump please :slightly_smiling_face:

I was having similar problems!

Make sure you install the full version of wpad on your access points. The one that come pre-installed doesn't seem to work with the roaming, and my idevices would dissconnect.

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