802.11ax Routers

I was talking about Xiaomi Router AX1800
I ordered from here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001036345429.html

Anybody knows where can I get one in EU?
I dont want to wait or pay customs/VAT when it arrives

Its pretty new model, probably you have to wait a little bit.

I'm from EU too :slight_smile:

The wait time: yeah, you have to probably wait for a while - it is an usual aliexpress pace (sometimes arrives faster)
VAT: I never payed it, but I ordered more expensive things.

Another place where you can buy it: gearbest.com

I have had mixed experiences with the Croatian customs, sometime they would stop and require invoices for 2-3 EUR worth of parcels, and other times 150-200 EUR worth of stuff would pass through.
But they charged me VAT enough time that I get stuff outside of EU only if its much cheaper or unavailable, otherwise its not worth the hassle and wait time.
Also, customs here are slow, its at least a week once the proof of purchase has been provided to them.

I am impatient and might actually but it from Gearbest or wherever its cheapest

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From a support status point of view, the ax3600 (ipq8071a) should be easier (well, that's kind of an euphemism for both devices) than the ax1800 (ipq6000), just because the parts QCA wanted to submit mainline are already merged (or 'never' will be, while I'm still seeing patches for ipq60xx in flight on lkml) and because at least basic/ incomplete target support for ipq807x already exists in OpenWrt. Price wise, ipq60xx is obviously much more attractive (although the ax3200 isn't thaaat bad either), but I'm in the same boat regarding fear of customs interaction myself (so I'll pass as well, until it/ something similar gets a EU/ Schengen based distributor with a sane price).

not quite sure if I'd really like the RAM size (256 MB) of the ax1800 either, 512 MB RAM in the ax3200 sound more sensible.

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I agree, IPQ807x has more stuff upstream already.
But IPQ60xx should not be too hard as from everything I have seen IPQ60xx is based on IPQ807x so most of the drivers are shared.
There are 2 major differences between them:
Only 2x2 WLAN and 1 instead of 2 NPU(NSS offload cores)

IPQ60xx has patches in LKML too because its much newer, IPQ807x was mention over 2 years ago while IPQ60xx has been semi public for couple of months only.

I would like to work on any of them, but I have not got a IPQ60xx or IPQ807x board.
Prices have been really high so far


For either device, you need to find a way in right?
Wasn't there a whole thread on the ax3600 where people were looking for a root shell or similar access and couldn't get in?

That seems to be resolved.



But I think the question if secure boot is enabled or not might not be sufficiently answered.

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I was just looking at the specs on 3600 as well.
4 core 1GHz.
It will be pretty sluggish at sqm, OpenVPN... Any single threaded ops.

Yes, its bigger siblings (ipq8074 running at 2.2 GHz) would be much more interesting, but they're also at least three times as expensive (but they'd be easily available around the world).

Thought I'd snagged an rax120 for 250 AUD a month ago. eBay auction went crazy at the last minute and went for $450, I bailed.

The RAX120 starts around 390 EUR in Germany (incl. 19% VAT, new, from regular online stores), the cheapest used offers I've seen so far have been between 200-280 EUR (more towards the higher end to the spectrum).

Australia seems to get significant higher prices on electronics. Then we also have mum and dad retailers who mark up even further.
They're $7-800AUD in store here.

Good day

But on the Xiaomi page in its specifications


They add that its processor is 1.4 GHz

Is it a mistake?


I guess you'd best ask in the ax3600 thread about that question, those who have the device and shell access should be able to check cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq, I'm basing the 1.0 GHz figure on https://www.cnx-software.com/2020/02/14/xiaomi-aiot-router-ax3600-wifi-6-router-sells-for-135/ and similar posts (and would be more likely to assume 'creative marketing' on the side of the manufacturer, the two NSS/ NPU cores are clocked at 1.7 GHz, maybe they've reported the average…).

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IPQ8071A is a bit murky model.
There is no datasheet for it, there are datasheets for IPQ8072A, IPQ8074A, IPQ8076A and IPQ8078A
So I cant check what the clock rating is, just FYI IPQ8072A still runs at 2.2 GHz.
NPU cores run at 1.7 GHz at all models

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I'am interested how to get the AX3600 in Europe too. In theory we have just to wait one month (15 july) and it should be available in Spain:

Latest factory firmware changelog says CPU freq has been bumped.

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(for openwrt just a change in the dts)
Anyway the problem of this new "toy" is secure boot... and still in all this times nobody anwserd this question... is the bootloader unlocked?

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