802.11ax Routers

Any word on D-Link DIR-X1860 (AXO AX1800) or TP-Link Archer AX20 (AX1800)? I've seen MT7915 work going into Linux and wouldn't mind upgrading to something like this while waiting for better wifi6e hardware eventually.

AX20 is Broadcom based so no luck there and X1860 is MT7621+MT7915 so its much more supportable.
But I honestly dont see how that MIPS could cope with the MT7915 bandwith

I guess Mediatek usually expects vendors to combine mt7622 (ARMv8) and mt7915, which would provide much more (desperately needed) performance.

Where did the ax20 is broadcom information come from? I got those two routers from https://www.mediatek.com/blog/wi-fi-6-home-routers-powered-by-mediatek

https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru/TP-LINK_Archer_AX1800, I guess - and following the link to its firmware (https://static.tp-link.com/2020/202004/20200428/Archer%20AX20(US)_V1_200326.zip) confirms the suspicion.

I feel like I trust MediaTek.com over wikidevi on this.

Maybe the official application to the FCC with an internal picture of a chip with the word Broadcom on it will tickle your fancy?

And if that's wrong, well...


Well, check it yourself - follow Mediatek's own link for the ax20, "TP-Link Archer AX20 (AX1800 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router)", click "Support" and "Firmware" and you end up with the afforementioned "https://static.tp-link.com/2020/202004/20200428/Archer%20AX20(US)_V1_200326.zip", which is clearly a bcm63xx based firmware.

Whoever is guilty of that blog post at https://www.mediatek.com/blog/wi-fi-6-home-routers-powered-by-mediatek must have been a) drunk and b) didn't have any clue what they were supposed to talk about.
"MT7612A network accelerator", suuuure. mt7612a doesn't even exist, mt7612e would (and that's a WLAN chipset, not a SOC) - but, hey, the link actually goes to mt7621a - very different, this is indeed a mips based SOC running at 2*880 MHz (which would be an unlikely, underpowered, but possible companion for mt7915).

Not even to speak about "Read more about how the MediaTek MT7915 Wi-Fi 6 Wave 1+ chipset builds in a range of industry firsts", I really want something of that kool aid - considering that Mediatek's competition from Qualcomm, Intel/ lantiq and Broadcom have their wifi 6 devices sitting on the shelves and in consumers' hands for over 1.5 years already.

While it will certainly be possible to mix and match mt7915 wireless on a mt7621a SOC, I sure hope that no vendor seriously considers this in favour of basing their new wifi 6 designs on mt7622a (2*1.35 GHz ARMv/ cortex a53) instead. The mt7621a isn't a bad SOC, but it is showing its age and is unlikely to meet the demands of 802.11ax, 2.5BASE-T/ 5BASE-T and other features expected from a wifi6 router.

Edit: and yes, D-Link indeed fell into the trap to combine mt7621a with mt7915d…


Seems like it could be Broadcom. I'm surprised incorrect stuff like that can be posted.

All of Ubiquiti's currently available WiFi 6 designs are based on the MT7621+MT7603+MT7915 combination. The only European available router using a MT7622 (to my knowledge) is from Fortinet.

However this might (hopefully) change with the UniFi 6 Pro.

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Redmi just released a new wifi 6 router, the AX5, with the IPQ6000 (specs are apparently shared with the AX1800).
It's only $35 or so, these devices keep getting cheaper.



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Il bet that only savings they made are SPI-NOR only and 128M of RAM.
I dont think its worth buying it next to AX1800

Buy 3 and use them as Mesh networking (Wi-Fi 6) on your Raspberry Pi 4, there is nothing at that price in the market.

Xiaomi Redmi Router AX5 - a Wi-Fi 6 router with mesh networking support

A 14nm Qualcomm chipset is the brains of the operation. It features four Cortex-A53 cores at 1.2GHz and an NPU core at 1.5 GHz. The processor can offload certain tasks to the NPU, reducing CPU usage and increasing the stability of the system. The router runs a MiWiFi ROM that is based on OpenWRT.

CPU is not gonna be a bottleneck, bottleneck is gonna be the RAM since this smells like a 128MB only.
I mean AX1800 is just couple of dollars more in Shenzhen

RAM: 256MB

Then, AX1800 makes no sense to exist

Dont understand the purpose of your reply.
I know what AX is, I was saying that Mi AX1800 makes no sense next to Redmi AX5 as they have the same specs and different price

Look at the competition: ($99 dollars)

MT7621 they are using inside if so competition at all.
There is no way that CPU can handle a saturated AX link