802.11ax Routers

Offer in Amazon.de for the Xiaomi AX3600. One to the bag straight away :slight_smile:

Almost the same price as the ASUS RT-53U (AX1800U) I was also planning to buy but double the best in all senses. Maybe in EU the only better alternative is the Dynalink WSM because of the 2.5GbE WAN port. Unfortunatelly, that product is not going to see my office anytime soon.

Now with this + my ZyXELs AX1800 (Multy M1, WSM20), I'm done for a couple of years :slight_smile: Hope we can hack them anytime soon

Unfortunately no usb port in Xiaomi ax3600, so I bought dynalink dl-wrx36 from UK and paid some extra cost for shipping and taxes.

you are buy where in uk ? thanks

from this seller in ebay, had to buy also a cheap uk to eu plug adaptor because the router came with uk plug but that was expected

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Amazon good price: $79.99


It's been that much since mid Nov last year https://camelcamelcamel.com/product/B096K9SVCT

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its out of stock

Out of stock ?

It'll show up as OOS if Amazon/seller won't ship to your location.


How’s the performance on this router?

Awesome,nice coverage, great usb performance, 1GB of ram is nice to have with ath11k driver have plenty of room for buffers, 2.5gig ethernet is cherry on the top.

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Router Wireless Acer FF.G22WW.001 PREDATOR CONNECT W6, AX7800, Tri-Band, Wi-Fi 6E ,does anyone know what features it has, it can be supported by openwrt?

Cudy WR3000 MT7981B + 256MB + 16MB NOR ,only 1Gb thou
Support is ready for PR nicefile/openwrt-vector at wr3000 (github.com)
once we will get official wifi support
[RFC] add support for MT7981 by dangowrt · Pull Request #771 · openwrt/mt76 (github.com)
forum thread

And the best part is price ~51 eur when on sale in amazon es .My EU version came with 26dBm txpower and mid-low range in 5Ghz

Good ol'GPT never misses when writting offtopic stupid answers.


For those located in Germany, the D-Link COVR-X1862 are very cheaply available at the moment (€ 40 for a pack of two at MediaMarkt / Saturn).

They are MT7621 + MT7915 AX1800 devices, similar to the DAP-X1860 repeater, but with external power supply and two Gigabit ports.
Support should be ready soon, only thing missing is the encryption for factory image (but it can also be flashed with an unencrypted image via bootloader, just like DAP-X1860).


Actually sounds as an interesting router for Openwrt, but no clue where to get one in EU indeed....


batna24(dot)com . It's MT7981B + 256MB + 16MB SPI and 5x 1Gbit ports . I have extracted DTS here .Hope to see support soon

Thanks, very interesting, hope to see support soon indeed!

MT7981B Filogic 820 finally has official advertised 160 MHz channel support. https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru/MediaTek#ARM

Unlike predecessor MT762x with MT7915 used in for example RT3200 and WAX206, which is only specified up to 80 MHz channels and has a AX upload performance bug with Apple devices when 160 MHz AC capability is enabled. I still hope someday the workaround patch to remove the out of specification MT7915 VHT160 capability gets accepted.

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I have commented on another topic but since is the most popular for this kind of routers, currently on the Prime Days in Amazon JP we have the Netgear WAX206 for $30 + delivery (depending on where you live)

Basically, the best deal so far 2023 I've seen for any 802.11ax router with a 2.5 GbE WAN port (the only way for going slightly over 1Gb over the 160)

The last time I saw I deal like this was with the Dynalink WRX36 that now is over $60-70 & only available in USA and Canada (delivery to other countries will sum up a lot more)

Go and grab this deal and never look back! :rofl: