802.11ax Routers

Meanwhile in the U.S. (Amazon's Prime Days hasn't begun yet, though):

2x MediaTek Filogic routers spotted in Germany, both roughly 130€, varying pros/cons:
(more Filogic devices supported according to OpenWRT 23.05.0-rc2 download folder, but so far no other seems currently listed in DE)

  • amazon.de lists Mercusys MR90X, no USB and only 3x LAN, but install notes claim OpenWRT can be installed without need for serial cable
  • Asus tuf ax4200, available from lots of vendors, 1x USB, but if I read the OpenWRT install notes correctly, a serial cable is required for installation
  • (wax 220 would also be available, but unfortunately its an access point, meaning 1x LAN and not really cheap with 150-200€)

(so far both need snapshot or rc release and are new in support, so the initial release could also be a bumpy experience)

The TOTOLINK X60 use a Filogic 830 (4x 2Ghz SOC)

but as always with Totolink, they are hard to find...

The X6000R is available on aliexpress for $68

Amazon Germany has some Belkin RT3200-UK in stock, if you need an AX router in EU with known good and stable OpenWrt support: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B08L4PJKKB

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I got several of the AX9000 and AX3000 on AliExpress last week - fast, cheap and smooth. AliExpress is just a sub website of Alibaba dealing with lesser quantities and that is foreign/retail friendly. I must’ve paid 40 bucks to deliver half a dozen of those massive devices to the US. Both International and European versions are available.

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Wow - this is true speculation. It is even available on Amazon UK. I was a bit lucky, but I got one last month for 44.99 GBP from Amazon UK ( even cheaper, than the one I bought in 2022). Now the price is 149.99 GBP - incredible.

which part is true speculation?

Sorry for the confusion - price speculation. 149 GBP- redicules...

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Theoretical 4800Mbps over wifi, and still only gigabit ports.

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I just looked at the Mercusys AX3000 Mesh systems. Also called Halo H80X

v1 appears to be Qualcomm based (IPQ5018)
while v2 is Mediatek based (Filogic probably)
Atleast that's what I gather from the dts like strings in the binary.
There's nothing on the fcc reports, I think.

If anyone bought one of these and got a v2, then please let me know where I can get them. My bet is that most vendors still sell v1 here in Germany. (nothing states a version)

Since we have support for the Mercusys MR90X, I could probably add support for v2 fairly easily if I would get access to one.
Atleast basic support. For the details I might ask some devs via IRC or mail. (the newer ARM plattforms have more complex dts files after all compaired to plain mips mt7621)

the H90X only exists in one version and is Mediatek based
and supports AX6000 so it's likely 4x4 on both bands like the MR90X

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You're right. H80x v2 is Mediatek based. I extracted the firmware from your link and found that device is Mediatek mt7981:

        compatible = "mediatek,mt7981-spim-snand-rfb";
        interrupt-parent = <0x01>;
        #address-cells = <0x02>;
        #size-cells = <0x02>;
        model = "MediaTek MT7981 RFB";

Gli-NET MT6000 aka Flint 2

Filogic 830 4 x 2 GHz

I have a Dynalink DL-WRX36 IPQ8074 4 x 2.2 GHz and are very happy with it:
available on amazon.com can be shipped worldwide


I went for the Asus TUF Gaming AX6000, let's see how this goes!