802.11ax Routers

I was wondering: All those routers like Belkin RT3200 that don't have any external antennas, despite of being really powerful internally, do they perform right signal-wise?

Fairly new Belkin RT3200 user here, bought for $67 on eBay in January (U.S.).

I, too, was concerned about the lack of external antennas as soon as I unboxed it, but I must report that I am absolutely loving it for the upgrade to WiFi 6 (I have a Pixel 6 Pro that goes up to 6E), amongst other reasons.

The RT3200 is as good or better in both speed & coverage when compared to a WiFi 5 router I originally bought in 2019 and was using for years, a TP-Link Archer A10 β€” with its three large external antennas.

As an anecdote, I can sit in my car in the parking lot, a good distance from the RT3200 indoors, and still have a usable signal. The range is only marginally weaker compared to my Archer A10 (anecdotally; I have not measured this in any way other than random speed tests and noticing the distance at which I was still connected to the RT3200's WiFi).

I am using the latest advanced feature additions in OpenWrt snapshot (like ondemand CPU governing, 160MHz width, beam-forming, hardware acceleration, upgraded MediaTek MT7622BV & MT7915E drivers) and feel like I'm getting a lot of value out of this cheap and powerful little thing. Bonus: I was able to give the Archer A10 to my mom to fix her house's problematic and aging WiFi.

(My wireless internet speed on a 5GHz 160Mhz wide channel is comparable to my ethernet speed, over 900Mbps, which also blows me away.)

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I have, and I've updated the device page, have a look, if you're looking for details.


Cool, and thanks for the photos! :slight_smile:

I'll follow-up in the RG-E5 thread so that I don't pull this thread too far off-topic.

I see the Zyxel Multy M1 has dropped in price in the UK, ax1800, 880mhz dual core, 128mb nand, 256mb ram, several ethernet ports.

Screams mediatek to me.

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Zyxel Multy M1 WiFi 6 AX1800 Wi-FI Mesh Compatible avec Alexa - Pack de 2

Good price for the pack -> 69,90€


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I can't see any references in the ToH for this Router :frowning:

I think this is not explicit but 802.11ax routers "OpenWRT" compatible by default is the point

Pack de 3 for 79.90 € ...


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Yeah Dynalink is a beast for those price, i've got last one from amazon.de and i'm waiting for them back in stock to buy more. Currently had tested usb filesharing with samba 4 and 1TB hdd in cheap usb 3.0 adapter and it speeding to little over 100MB/s o ever wifi with 80MHz or 160MHz channel , 16MB/s torrenting with transmission encrypted traffic. Notice that 1GB of ram is very usefull , never got random reboot etc .


It's MediaTek 7621AT based


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I ordered the pack of 3 Zyxel Multy M1 from amazon

I will have them on Monday 13 March

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Why anyone has not even opened a Dev request already for this router???.

Considering they have a MTK 7621AT, the same for example, as the SOC for TP-Link EAP 615 Wall that is currently supported by core 22.03

A pretty good deal definitely, a trio of these units for barely $20+ per unit.

Probably because there is no one taking such requests. Doing so would involve a lot of money and time, both of which are in short demand - if you want to see it supported, it would be up to you yourself to do the development.

Let us know when you've opened one, I can see from the FCCID photos a couple of possible locations for UART connection.

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It would be very, very nice if this device could get OpenWrt support.
BTW: it is FiLogic 830 based.

I agree. Looks like @blocktrron will be pushing official OpenWRT support for it but is still testing as far as I can tell.

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I have one acting as my primary Internet router for a few days already. While i can not comment about NAT performance due to my limited bandwith, iperf was ale to saturate the 2.5 Gbit/s port without issues and WiFi performance did exceed 1 Gbit/s.

I have a working tree in my tufax4200 branch. Issue at the moment is the bootloader not booting master kernel as it attempts to reserve the non-DDR memory regions for WED. I did ping Felix about that and he looks into a fix.

Installation requires a serial console, as the bootloaders flash boot procedure does not allow for booting FIT images with initrd integrated. This might be fixable in the future.

Only thing not working on the HW itself is the LAN LEDs.


RG-R6, another MT7622 based AX3200 router from Reyee.


There are two 4 pin connectors on the PCB, as on the RG-R5, one of them should be the serial port.

Buy me now at $60 and up, on US eBay, auctions start around $37.

I've come back and just tested NAT performance. My test-setup was limited to 1 Gbit/s, but i was able to push 941 Mbit/s NAT traffic between LAN and WAN. Also Felix did push a fix for the WED memory regions, I've rebased my branch onto master and nothing obvious broke.

I've added installation instructions from my memory, Once I've verified these were indeed correct the patches will be upstreamed.

Also, please keep discussion public (aka here) and don't message me in private about images, etc. There's nothing to gain here in 1:1 communication.


I ordered the Asus AX1800U a while ago and immediately flashed OpenWRT onto it.

Nice first impressions. Many thanks to hw driver devs.