802.11ax Routers

If my basic needs are: capability to have a wifi on/off button, and pi-hole/ AdGuard-home through openwrt-like DNS filtering + currently having a bgn, but probably in this year an ac or (if big tech drops it to the lower category adroid level) an ax-wifi phone as only wifi-clients, maybe with some "NAS"-ing "VPN servering" in the future,
should i worry and think about waiting for AX routers' support from this side of the world to be able select one what fits, or
should i get any randomly avaible fitting AX, in hopes of it will be supported soon ish, maybe with a pi, to fill my needs, or
drop the stress off, because it does not matter anyways, and get fitting AC router as soon as i wish, even if i would like to futureproof with having an ax router, because the market fills slow?

I am sittin around this question since weeks (i had 0 usabe knowledge 3 weeks ago from the topic of what is really the 802.11** + a month before what is pi-hole/ networking is, but now i am hooked even if i probably do not need them), and i have rached the dead-end/tipping point... i need help :crazy_face:

When can the new release -of wort- arrive? (I am new to the release schedule)

If you're adventurous and impatient, go with the Linksys e8450/ Belkin rt3200 now (and be among the first to play with it) - otherwise you'll have to wait.

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Sadly none of them is avaible in my region, and both are over of my budget.
If waiting, should i really do? I mean until summer, ok. Until fall, ok, or more?
I mean i am totally in the dark to even guess, because i am not in the system to know: what are we waiting for right now, and how difficult to pass this stage.

There are no schedules.

I would like to understand, what is holding up the project... i am total noob for this.

In the case of ipq807x, getting ethernet- and wireless drivers to work (ipq60xx and ipq50xx may be looked at afterwards, it partially depends on the former) - in the case of mt7621a+mt7915e or mt7622bv+mt7915e device availability on the market (and on developers' desks).

technically the mt7621a+mt7915e based TOTOLINK X5000R and Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR are also supported, but they put the wifi6 wireless on the rather slow mt7721a SOC, these are more basic APs, rather than providing the performance for a high-end router.

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Do you know where would I see this work being done on ipq807x in OpenWrt? When I look at master on github here, I hardly see any work posted there, and even most of the limited amount of work I see posted there is from 12-13 months ago.

Mostly at

…but especially the ethernet/ switch situation has kind of thrown a spanner into the works.

I will receve monday my Belkin rt3200 just for be sure

The flash is Factory.bin via update software right

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Yes. Refer to the two pages I'll link below, you should read the doc/man page about it before flashing. There is no WiFi 6 support in OpenWrt yet you're better off staying OEM for probably a year or so... No one knows what the prevailing WiFi 6 router will be supported in OpenWrt yet besides maybe the top few devs. It mostly depends how progress on open source drivers goes.




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Ok thanks just what is the settings here more performance you thinked

One for the Australian's.
ACMA have released a discussion paper and are welcoming consultation submissions as part of considering its approach to 6GHz (5925-7125MHz) bands for use with RLAN (wifi).
Several options have been tabled:

  • Open the lower 500MHz of the band with revised power limits and/or additional limitations
  • Open the entire band for LPI/VLP (low potential interference/very low power) devices
  • Open the entire band for standard power devices under a DSA/AFC approach like the US
    • (is this like DFS in the 5GHz band?)

Looks like in any case, they are going to move to quickly open the lower 500MHz while considering further approaches.


AVM FRITZ!Repeater 6000

AVM just announced their Fritz Repeater 6000. If box matrix is to be believed (https://boxmatrix.info/wiki/FRITZ!Repeater_6000) it is based upon the IPQ8074 SoC:

  • Powerful 4 x 4 tri-band repeater with Wi-Fi 6
  • 12 antennas for maximum Wi-Fi range and coverage
  • Intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi for multiple mobile devices such as TVs, game consoles
  • Extends any Wi-Fi network, from FRITZ!Box to a provider router
  • 2.5 Gbit/s and 1 Gbit/s ports for convenient networking

Seems like a nice base for a repeater.


220 euros...a little pricey for a repeater considering for best performance you also need a master device with the same capabilities
even for converting it into a router is pricey

Yes, it is a bit pricey, but it'll probably come down in price. You don't need a main device since these have ethernet ports. But maybe more like an access point than a router.

Either way, IPQ8074 is far from working with OpenWrt :frowning_face:

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Hello everyone, I purchased the Netgear AX1800 (R6700AX) for 99 dollars. I hope this will be one of the new Wifi 6 routers that will be supported. https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-4-Stream-WiFi-Router-R6700AX/dp/B08KTXG8Q5 and tech specs https://www.netgear.com/home/wifi/routers/r6700ax/

I wouldn't hold my breath (Broadcom).


Yeah, I also suggest to throw that one away for good.


I too have just received two LinkSys AX3200 E8450s. How may I assist in building/testing out 802.11ax support in OpenWRT? I have other network and WiFi gear, so this wouldn't be on my prod network.