Searching for developer for ipq8074 / ipq6018 custom board OpenWrt support

Hey guys! I am consulting a startup currently developing a series of high-end .ax devices with native OpenWRT, and tons of special HW features (M.2 slot for adding further radio incl. 6GHz, RTC, crypto chip, bluetooth, 900MHz IoT protocols' support, 4G+5G connectivity support etc.) and would like to find one or two developers, maybe here, able to support us in OpenWRT porting/development in the next months. Of course paid work, plus we will deliver free hardware. Anybody interested? First two models will be based on ipq8074, third on ipq6018. Best regards from Munich,

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I am interested, would it be possible to have a private conversation ?

Yes, sure.

You can contact me via e-mail:

Via Signal / Whatsapp
+43 677 63175883

Via phone
+49 174 4004920