6 ghz router openwrt

Being a search challenged duffess, is there a 6 ghz router with openwrt installed or easily installed?
Are wendor recommendations allowed?

Currently there is none.

Oh shucky darn, well leaves more money for other projects.

It can be made, but requires some work. In the end you can end up with a very good device, though.

For example:

AsiaRF AW7916-NPD WiFi 6e mPCIe module
Banana Pi BPI-R64 main board
BPI-64 Acryllic case with antenna holes drilled
8 x IPEX pigtails, 8 x Antenna of choice

Getting OpenWrt on the device is as easy as copying an image to a microsd card.

There are other devices you can put that wifi module into, but the above is probably one of the easiest.

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