5g/2.4g Router, 1000mb WAN/LAN

Im after a new router my TP-LINK C2 AC750, only seems to manage 400mbps internet, but local traffic at 900mbps

What are peoples suggestions on what to go for, im not bothered about wifi6 etc.

Yeah, i tried googling the answer and 2 out of the 5 routers recomended wasnt even on the supported list for openwrt lol

Yeah so my internet provider in past was 350mb, and router was fine with this, but I now have 1000mb service, which their hubs reports as getting full service on speed test site.

I have there hub in modem mode, then have own router to do all port forwarding etc and other bits

So just want to know which routers people where going for. Laptops around house are 5g, so no real need for wifi6.

But the wired connected devices id like to see hitting closer to the 1000mb on the internet, as i know they can do 900+ on LAN connections

X86 devices aren't all specifically listed, they mostly just work.


they where where generic branded ones like TP-LINK, but then not on TOH list,

Id consider most option but not silly price

does any x86 solution have the wifi etc, fanless, oh and needs to be similare size to a standard router

"silly price" is subjective.

You could build your own or get something like this(i've been drooling over).

There tons of x86 options out there, just gotta search.

I have been, dread to think number of routers ive looked at.

I have seen them but need wifi to be inluded, but dont think i could settle for a celeron lol

I would say £100-200 highest if its absolutly perfect etc

Roqos rc10 would be one, if you can get your hands on one.

$650 wow :expressionless:

The Linksys E8450 / Belkin RT3200 AX wifi 6 router seems a good option.

Find the rest of the info here. I purchased it new on eBay for $69 USD. Quite impressed by its performance. Way better than the laureated R7800.


I bought one for $60 on ebay...

yeah that was one of top picks, but would have to get the belkin version in UK, but is that speeds with SQM off and software offloading enabled?

At minute im looking at NanoPi R4S then put 2 x rtl8812au wireless in it, this would mean getting a switch too

Just get a router, with wifi, run it as an AP.

that was the first plan but i dont thing current routers 5g works?


SQM enabled (thus, no HW or SW offloading). You can see in that thread all the different tests with different configurations. This one is a 900up/50down connection using cake https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat?test-id=88d9cafb-4d9c-4ce0-a165-07b1c2a11376

These days you don't need an x86 system anymore. The new Mediatek arm64 platform is very capable and draws less power as the arm CPU is way more efficient.

Do yourself a favour and don't even consider USB WLAN, a cheap dedicated OpenWrt supported plastic router is much better at providing wireless AP functionality than any USB devices - and usually not more expensive either, while also providing you with 4+1 configurable switch ports.

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Just to confirm: you are seeing the RT3200 shape at 1Gbit using CAKE? I'm not sure this is right because mostly there are reports of it topping out at about half of this level. There was a report from @Dopam-IT_1987 of 1Gbit shaping using CAKE but I've never seen it repeated until possibly now.

Can you show output of 'tc qdisc ls' and double check the waveform test?

@cah1982 I have three RT3200 connected via WDS and they're great. For sure they can manage QOS using fq_codel at 1Gbit but if you really need CAKE I'd first verify from existing users that it can manage this. Otherwise these are fantastic devices. RPi4 is an option but do you really want to mess about with five components or so and separate WiFi access points etc?

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Yeah thats what I read the RT3200, so put me off it

I get your point with the USB wifi sticks etc

With the R4S, i would only need this and a 4x1gb port router with wifi, so only one thing extra really. this does support SQM and QOS @ 930mbps roughly

RPi4 and compute modules (with header boards) i looked at but supply at min is shocking April 2023 for stock

This picture is coming from my TOTOLINK A8000RU :joy:

There are some funky pictures with RPi4 setups:

I think 1x RT3200 is rather more elegant:

Before buying my 3x RT3200's I twice started the process of adding all the components needed for RPi4 in my Amazon basket. On both occasions I thought this is simply madness and kept searching.

All three of my RT3200's are connected via WDS and supply a main WiFi and guest WiFi (I put main WDS AP on 5 and guest WDS AP on 2.4, and the two other 'extension' RT3200's connect to the 'main' RT3200 this way). Now I can roam with fast transition throughout whole house and get very strong signal on either my main WiFi or guest WiFi. I see around 700-800 Mbit/s between nodes on 5. My main RT3200 provides VPN through WireGuard, SQM through CAKE + autorate for LTE using external modem, rclone mount to pass scanned documents through to OneDrive, and I have loads of spare CPU cycles. It's solid as a rock for business and personal use. Very happy with these devices + OpenWrt. Great support and many active users. Official support is coming with the next 22.XX OpenWrt release.