4G/LTE via USB to OpenWrt router

Hi all,

Looking for a 4G/LTE internet access via USB on the router.
Can you recommend me a small 4G/LTE USB device (EU bands) which

  • works out of the box or requires minimal / easy installation on OpenWRT
  • optimally also providing a wifi network (nice to have: battery) ) ?
    I prefer a USB "wingle" over a 4G/LTE router, as my OpenWRT router needs to be powerful for multiple VPN connections.

I found the following devices which were mentioned, all Huawei (EU bands versions)

many thanks !

cheers Blinton

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@blinton use your smartphone and tether from usb, install rndis like in openwrt official documentation,
it's easiest way

Indeed this is the fallback solution which works. Unfortunately my phone Nokia 7 plus Android pie does not create an interface (other phones like Xiaomi MiA1 work) ... that's why I'm looking for a device.
Cheers blinton

Is there am up-to-date list with the supported 5g/4g/lte usb modems? :slight_smile:


google openwrt + the 4G modem you're intrerested in.