21.02, bridging WLAN to VLAN


I am currently running an WRT3200ACM as my main router and an Archer C7 v5 as an AP upstairs, both with OpwnWRT 19.07. Both are connected over one ethernet cable, wich carries 4 VLANs as a trunk, and both have 4 WLAN configured with fast roaming and everything works fine.
Now I want to add a nwifi d2 with 21.02 installed as a second AP and just dont get how to bridge a VLAN-Interface and a WLAN interface together. I created a new wlan interface, but it doesnt show in the list when creating a new bridge device.
While creating the wlan interface i can select to which network it should belong (LAN), but even then i cant see that information anywhere except the wireless config itself.

My current setup : LAN 4 from the WRT3200 is connected to the WAN port of the ArcherC7 and carries only tagged frames, on the AP there are multiple ssid configured and bridged with the needed VLAN

I read some tutorials about the new DSA but cant wrap my head around where i can phyically connect my Wifi to a VLAN now.

Any help is really welcome :slight_smile:

Ok, looks like i got it :slight_smile:
First, enable VLAN filtering and create your VLANs, this AP is connected to my main router runing 19.07 on LAN 4 via the WAN port:

change the lan from Device br-lan to br-lan.1:

set up a new interface, unmanaged, all the configuration like DHCP is done on my main router, device is your wanted VLAN:

set up your WLAN-AP and select the network interface you created before:


i wanted my devices to use the nearest router, so i have the same SSIDs configured on all routers/APs, enabled 802.1r on all systems with different mobility domain setting for each SSID:

Now my devices connect to to stronges signal at bootup and roam between the APs when moving around, which i checkef with my phone and wifiman from ubiquiti.

switch config on main router:

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