~200 Access Point That Is WAF (Unifi 6 Pro?)

Looking for suggestions for an access point that is WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor // aka pretty // aka doesn't have massive antennas sticking out and blends in with decor/walls)

I was looking at getting a Unifi 6 Pro, however I am unsure of how well it works with OpenWRT? I heard not good things because Qualcomm SOC? Unsure if true or not though.

I was originally looking at getting a Unifi

My use case:
A simple access point, I would eventually get another one or two and place in different areas.
I plan to run that to a managed switch (vlan isolation for family/guest/myself, which would connect to an Opnsense firewall.
Everything will be running on 10gb in the future, if that matters. But right now everything is 1gb.

My requirements:

  • Works flawlessly with OpenWRT
  • Is currently, and will likely be supported by OpenWRT for a good amount of time into the future.
  • Can handle a reasonable amount of devices
  • Can push a stable and high amount of throughput, to many devices.
  • Doesn't need to be long range, is for a house. And as I stated I plan to have at least 2 (one on each floor or each side of the house)
  • WiFi 6, WPA3 support
  • Looks pretty
  • Under $300 each ($150 or under is sweet spot)
  • Will probably end up meshing them (although I don't think any of access point would be of limitation there, not sure)

WAX202 ?

Doesn't look too bad. It kinda has a retro/cyberpunk look to it that I like.
Although I am unable to tell if I can remove the base and lie it sideways, because I do not want it vertical. I know I'm nit picking. But I may also mount it to a ceiling or something so it'd be nice.

The WAX620 doesn't look too bad.
Any opinions?

you can, just remove two screws
WAX202 thread Netgear WAX202 WiFi 6 $30 at Amazon

I assume you mean 206 not 620 ?
As for the 206, we got console and root access, but I don't know if anyone's actually working on getting it supported.
Haven't seen anything about the 620.

@sumo did you have an opportunity to look at the 206 already ?

Why not a TP-Link EAP615-Wall e.g.?

The UniFi you're looking at does not have external antennae, but it's still sizeable.

you can, just remove two screws

Ok, that's what it looked like. Still no proper mounting solution like the 620 but I could make it work.
The 202 could suffice for now but the 620 is more up my ally.

We got console and root access, but I don't know if anyone's actually working on getting it supported.

Damn, it would be really nice. If it was supported I'd probably go ahead and buy the 620 if I don't see anything else around that spec that I like. Would definitely appreciate updates on this.

I assume you mean 206 not 620

No, I meant 620

the only post about the 620 is in 802.11ax Routers - #353 by rektide, seems to be IPQ6, so support would be further away.

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Not bad, although the throughput seems to be a bit lower than what I'd like.

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Unfortunate, looks like I'll pass on that one for the time being.

The UniFi you're looking at does not have external antennae

This is only an issue for device range correct? If so, then I have no issues with that.
My main concern with the UniFi 6 Pro is the support/how well it runs with OpenWRT. If it is flawless, then I'll honestly probably just buy that.

Not necessarily, 802.11ax uses a lot of antennae and plenty of devices come with internal ones. People here on the forums having both indicated the antennae being internal does not mean a weaker signal.

My question was not with the intent to state that it would be weaker, but simply asking what drawbacks it COULD bring? You originally made it seem like it's a major drawback I feel.
So basically if I am understanding correctly, there should be no drawbacks, but IF there were any it would just be a potentially slightly weaker signal compared to one with external antennae.

The Unifi 6 Lite works well from my experience.

I don't see any support for the 6 Pro yet. Which is a shame because Amazon just sent me a Pro on accident when I ordered a Lite.

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Yes, sorry. Summer vacation time distracted me more than expected. Anyway, I am looking into it now. Already got the basics all running. Now looking into the 2.5 Gigabit PHY stuff...


I think I will just go for the Unifi 6 Lite
Thanks guys

I believe that's a good choice. In addtion to being very well supported, it also has some WAF advantages over the Pro (and LR): It's much much smaller. Yes, they look alike on pictures but place them next to eachother and you'll see. And you can get all sorts of covers for the 6 Lite since it's physically compatible with the Unifi nano HD

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RT3200's - they are only 50 GBP now. And good WAF for me at least. I have x3 (one as main router and 2x as AP's connected via WDS) and covers large three floor house and surrounding garden/woods despite metre thick walls. I think the Unifi devices look like UFOs albeit presumably their WiFi performance is a little better than the RT3200's(?).

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