200/200 symmetrical fiber connection


I have a 200/200 symmetrical fiber connection. It's possible I may upgrade to a 500/500 symmetrical connection in the future. Whats a good option for me that can handle SQM without compromising throughput speeds for LAN connection? I'm not concerned about wireless functionality and speeds since I only use wireless for non-gaming applications and where speeds dont matter to me as much.

I was thinking of buying a used wrt1900ac(s) or a wrt3200acm, but was wondering if there are any cheaper alternatives since these tend to sell for ~$80+ used. I was considering potentially the rasperberry pi 4 but my technical knowledge of properly setting up and assembling it would be too much work.

I used a Zyxel NBG-6817 ran into too many issues throughput issues when using SQM on it.

with wulfy's build, it should be easier than most all-in-one routers. You just write the image to the SD card, plug in the USB ethernet dongle, and turn it on. If you can use a screwdriver you can put together the cases you get in the typical "kits". Unlike some all-in-ones with soldered on storage, there's no way to brick a Pi, you just remove the SD card and rewrite it from scratch.


yeah i did check prices for the pi 4 kits and they are ~$100. was looking for maybe a cheaper alternative.

with the pi4, i would also need to purchase a dummy router for the wifi, right? It doesnt need to cover a huge area, but i live in a comfortable (not big but not apartment small) 1 story home.

Ive read thorugh this thread. Ive also read that the wrt3200acm is capable of 500/500 sqm throughput though and thats not an x86 router. i think that the wrt1900acs is capable of delivering close to 500/500 throughput with sqm enabled which is fine too. i was wondering if there are cheaper alternatives though similar to those models. i have 200/200 atm as well and if i get 500/500, i dont mind a decrease in ~40-100 mbps in bandwidth with sqm enabled

should handle sqm at about 100-200mbps

For large packets, for small packet traffic the number will be lower (but since most bulk traffic consist out of packet of maximally non-fragmented size, small packet saturating loads are rare)...

The best thing I ever did to my network was ditch these. My wife would complain constantly that she was getting disconnected randomly... My phone would miss incoming SIP calls regularly, it's a disaster compared to other chipsets, the drivers just never got good enough.

I switched to Omada EAP access points and wifi improved dramatically.

You do not need the 4GB or 8GB version, the 2GB version is sufficient. You should get a kit with rpi4 2GB for about $60.

hello ruffles i sugger linksys e8450 or belkin rt3200 wifi 6 i has tested on fiber 1/go and 600 mbit/S

for me is a best router for the moment with openwrt

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thanks for the results. is that with sqm enabled? and do you have any other functions enabled like adblock, etc?

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you welcome , yes in second graph sqm is enabled only to upload

and i have a 30 iptables for teleworking like jitsi webex and gaming like battlefield fifa call of duty ..