19.07.8 released?

Dear all,

I see a 19.07.8 release from August 1st, but no announcement that it is released, while rc4 for 21.02 is announced which is from the 2nd of August.

So my question is it safe to install 19.07.8 (im currently running 19.07.7)? If so, why is it not announced? If not any idea what is missing?

Thank you,


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Just wait. When it is ready they'll let you know.

Status as per today:

Source: https://openwrt.org/releases/19.07/notes-19.07.8


Ok thank you!

Now! :slight_smile:


Thx and thx to all the devs!

(gonne install it tomorrow on my two R7800 and E4200V2)

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