19.07.2 wireless regdb issues

Using OpenWrt 19.07.2

Router Xiaomi Router 3G (mir3g)

Issues with 5GHz :

  • Getting 5GHz to work is a hit or miss
  • Region, random European Union country, for example Estonia (country code EE)
  • Only a limited number of 5GHz channels are working.
  • Selecting channel 136 + save&apply marks it active as channel 36.
  • Luci shows in Network > Wireless Channel 36
  • Clicking Edit on the 5GHz device, shows channel 136
  • Drop-down menu shows channel 136

If I select country code as DE, then a long list of channels are available. Much more than country code EE.

This clearly is a bug. I think in the driver, perhaps.

All European Union countries should have the same 5GHz channels available.

Furthermore, if the country code is EE, then the below command in CLI does not work:

root@OpenWrt:~# iw dev wlan1 scan
command failed: Resource busy (-16)

Scanning of 5GHz networks also does not work from Luci.

If the country code is DE, then the same command returns a long list of data and 5GHz network scan works, even from Luci.

Same in country code FI (Finland) and AT (Austria). The selection of 5GHz channels should be equal, but Finland has bigger selection.

To be clear, this issue with 5GHz has been present in all OpenWrt versions that I have used. With many different routers.

I have now experimented with different country codes, and 5GHz channel 165 does not turn on under any country codes. It can be selected, but it stays gray and disabled until the channel is selected one notch below 165. For example 161.

You are aware certain countries do not allow [client] devices to initiate traffic on 5.4G?

Are you saying that you're setting your WiFi to a country other than the one you're currently in!?!?

Did you read my post or not? Are you trolling?

In European Union, there are EC Directives that regulate the usage of WIRELESS, which are the same regardless of which EU country you live in.

If you'd open the link I provided, you'd see it. In fact let me post a screenshot:

So, if I change from one EU country to another, this is the same as changing region from California to Texas.

It should not change anything. And why is the list of available channels different inside EU?

According to EC Directives, the WLAN regulations do not differ from one EU country to another no more than changing the region from California to Texas.

But in OpenWrt, it differs.

So yes, I did change, from one EU country to another, for testing purposes. Are you now angry with me?

Check the regdb, there are differences indicated; others in EU

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No, I read your post and think you're breaking a law.

So I guess that means you don't intend to answer me.

Did you set DE and EE...not a hard question to answer...but OK.

I've memorized that chart, needed to to pass some UHF exams.

I disagree.

So you should have no problem. Glad that's solved then!

Hey, you can't convince everybody, though.

Unless you consider this below as an answer, then,no I do not intend to answer:

I guess I did not answer, whether I did do so, and why?

That is exactly what I was pointing to. The driver maps in OpenWrt are not precise, they differ from the official requiements.

But this does not convince the self-proclaimed Internet Gestapo...

In one sentence...not gonna keep guessing and jumping when you're screenshotting the WLAN table for Europe and saying I didnt read because I'm trying to help you with sending beacons on 5.4Ghz.

Nonetheless, you are now aware there are different reg-db rules, no need to be salty.

Good day; and I hope that you can understand why the scan doesn't work when setting to another country illegally.

Can you stop acting salty and perhaps explain a real issue?
Without changing nations on your Wifi to do so....?

Did you click here and read it?

I mean before assaulting me?

The link begins with this:

  • The wireless regdb that gets used by OpenWrt to set the radio parameters in accordance with national rules is woefully incorrect in many cases.

  • For example, for the UK, the current version of this file shows

I'm not sure why you replied to me...and quoted @anomeome...

Perhaps you should calm down and try to get your posts together.

I've read that post before...can you explain in this post why you're ranting about it though, please?

Like...what it has to do with Estonia, Finland, Austria or Germany?
The OP's post was about Great Britain.
And It's still unclear what country you're actually in.

Wow, that would defy physics...to assault you all the way in Europe.

Let's try being clear and concise instead of name calling, I'll be more than willing to help.


Well, UK was in the EU. So I did not include UK in this discussion.

But I will repeat this once again:

The wireless regdb that gets used by OpenWrt to set the radio parameters in accordance with national rules is woefully incorrect in many cases .

Since you do not like salty, I will sugarcoat this: Truly sorry if it offends you, I did not mean to offend you by mentioning this fact.

Disregard. I guess you just wanted to remind people there was a thread about the reg-db, so you kept changing your WiFi country and told us.

:man_facepalming: I had a feeling I was gonna be given a lesson about Brexit, LOL. I think you're missing my point.

The other post says it's an upstream issue, so I'm not sure why or how it helps to mention OpenWrt again...

The upstream has to be fixed...is there any update progress on that from someone in the forum?

No, I thought you had a new problem, not repeating an old one. Truly my apologies.

FYI - I separated this discussion from the 19.07.2 topic.
I suggest you all relax and cool down a bit, ok?

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Thank you. I'd like to start a new thread, without the personal issues. I only wrote about the issue, when the other person started trolling.

Is it possible to delete this thread altogether... I made a new thread.