19.07.0, luci-app-statistics, memory module not working anymore

Hi Guys

i just updated my ZBT WE1326 to latest, stable 19.07.0. I have installed luci-app-statistics. All seems to be fine except memory module. It is just not updating the graph since i did the update.

As you can see from the screenshot above it was working fine before...

All other modules seems to be working fine...

Any clues how could i resolve the matter?

Thank you.

Check the possible config options and toggle them.

New config items were introduced rather recently and your old config probably does not yet contain them. You probably need to add this: ValuesAbsolute '1'

config statistics 'collectd_memory'
        option enable '1'
        option ValuesAbsolute '1'
        option ValuesPercentage '0'

Screenshot from LuCI:

Would be nice if we could collect the known changes to previous configuration (not restricted to luci-app-statistics) somewhere.

Having a collection of config changes (if any) in one place would be a great help for users updating from 18.06 -> 19.07.

Disabling and enablinb memory plugin again did the work. However i had to delete the memory data from rrd folder. Thanks for help guys.

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