Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I would like to try building out XEN onto the hardware. It's a really cool prospect as the CPU+SATA/USB3.0 support make the router capable of having good storage and working as a Virtualization host for a few light weight type systems.  In addition, I would like to see about porting GlusterFS to the system and undertaking that type of work to use it as a 3rd mirror in my current GlusterFS based network. My past work has been working with a Raspberry PI and making Micro Industrial servers that serve dual purposes of routing/connectivity and running a small scaled server that handles local and mirrored data for an IOT configuration to track Air Quality Data.

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I would be very interested in receiving a WRT3200ACM. I owned a WRT1900ACv1, and was one of the first to test Chadster's Openwrt image. I have since purchased a "V2" and thoroughly intend one way or another to  have the WRT3200ACM in my possession. I routinely test LEDE/Openwrt and now running Gargoyle's version of Openwrt.

If Linksys/Belkin keeps putting out the new "WRT"'s, and truly opensource,  I will never buy another brand of router.
I have a number of people I work with, running WRT1900's due to my experience.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway


My journey with Linksys started back in 2006 when I purchased the the WRT54GL and I simply fell in love with the router. After 8 years I decided that I needed an upgrade and I went for the revamped WRT series - WRT1900AC.

That said, I've always been passionate about the WRT series and I would love the opportunity to test the new WRT3200ACM.


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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Hi, i have ACS v1 version, and for me it is realy stable. I would like to have one of these 3200 to test it in various ways. I'm very active on the forum, and test my current ACS to the limits, to became ultimate route for every home. I also have 200/100 uplink and my ACS is directly connected to the ONT. I always build my own custom firmware with versatile packages and all of them are used every day. Now i'm running asteriks, openvpn, NAS, mjpegstreamer,4 USB cameras(720p),ZoneMinder.


I would like to have this beast in my home:-).

Thank you Linksys.



Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

It would be great to add support for this router to our OpenWrt Chaos Calmer-based firmware Freifunk Gluon.
At least that's what I'd love to do with that machine.

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Well, everyone in the list at the very bottom of should get one. In addition to that, some other people, like pepe2k, mazilo, hnyman, nitroshift, davidc502, dibdot and Gargoyle devs should definitely get one before me, but if there're still any left after these guys...

I have two threads in community releases, I pitch here and there (with the web-based stuff) and I'm hoping to build the foundation of the 'fakeinternet' package (to fool mobile devices into thinking AP they're connected to has internet access) sometime before the end of the year.

PS. Sadly, I don't have my WRT54G anymore, I wish I would have kept it to have another reason for me to get WRT3200ACM, so I could take a photo with his grand-daddy. wink

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway


Can I get one? I would love a juicy router too..

I help other users with their openwrt problems

I think developers deserve more than me but if you have any left please send one smile

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I'm interested in testing OpenWRT/LEDE/DD-WRT on the 3200ACM.

I have been running Linksys series routers since 2005.

I currently run 2 WRT1900ACv1 and 1 WRT54GL for my LAN, all 3 run various builds of OpenWRT/LEDE/DD-WRT.

Most know me as "gufus"  :-)

Kind regards.


WRT1900AC LEDE Reboot 17.01.4
WRT3200ACM DD-WRT r31791 x2
WRT1900AC DD-WRT r34929
WRT54GL DD-WRT r21676


Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

My activities in about 7 years of OpenWrt include a lot of forum support in the hardware hacking section, some wiki maintenance and occasional participation in the development process (adding support for a router and some device drivers, upgrading kernel for some architectures). Other than that, I did a lot of patch reviews, related to the Linux kernel, and some development for environment sensors (with IoT in mind). Outside the OpenWrt world, I have fixed some bugs in open source software, whenever I stepped over them.
With the new WRT3200ACM, I could participate in testing and bug-fixing.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I just wanted to give Linksys the thumbs up for this offer: this is how you get your products supported, this how you get people to buy your products, this is how you build a community around your brand; bravo!

I am not going to lie to anyone around here... it would be awesome to get one of those 54 wink devices: my current router is also an IoT broker, a VoIP PBX, a VPN server, a TOR node, ... and a CPU upgrade will surely feel fantastic. But despite my high number of messages in this forum, I cannot consider myself a developer but a supporter, who just tries to help others enjoy this wonderful software.

Please, send those devices to the real developers, those that make OpenWrt work on new devices, those that add new features and polish OpenWrt; they deserve it.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Developer. I've been using WRT1900AC as my main testing platform for VPN and virtual subnet configuration. It's interesting and helpful to explore all different options for VPN to concur the China Great Firewall. 

I also been using OpenWRT since the day I know it and a great platform to work with.

Thanks for the OpenWRT community and Linksys for maintaining such a great product and software.

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I'm putting my support behind davidc502, hnyman, and pepe2k getting devices. These are all long-standing supporters of the community/project.

Here is the Wikidevi page on this device:

Now, I'm going to be the rude guy who brings up the unfortunate reality of history... Sorry, someone's gotta do it. … 86#p230686

glp wrote:

Because of these issues, we would currently recommend against purchasing this device until we have the missing pieces of software to make it functional with OpenWrt.

The Linksys press release claims that the device is "OpenWrt ready" and "Open Source ready". Given how much is still missing, and that not even the GPL code for this device was posted to the Linksys GPL code center, we consider these claims to be premature and unfortunately misleading.

This smells like a marketing move by Linksys, not a genuine effort to get developer support for the device. If that was the case, they would have given out sample devices to key developers before the launch of the product, and BEFORE they started claiming the device was "OpenWRT ready".

To the best of my knowledge, when Linksys launched this device and started issuing press releases that the device was supported by DD-WRT and OpenWRT, it was not.

It should not be forgotten how Linksys in the past falsely claimed the badge of open source to benefit themselves.

We should not be so quick to forget these wrongs.

Now, that having been said, I would like to thank Linksys for remembering the community that supplies the source code for many of their products. We should not forget the past. But we shouldn't use the past as an excuse to have a miserable future either.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

This is a cool move by Linksys. I'm excited to see their new hardware in action

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

just goodjob,but i am chinese.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Kaloz wrote:

To celebrate the launch of the WRT3200ACM, Linksys is offering 54 units to the OpenWrt Developer Community in thanks for the support of the WRT line. In order to be considered, please post a few lines about yourself, and the OpenWrt project you’d like to start using the WRT3200ACM. On December 1st Linksys will make the selection of the 54 developers, and will get units out in time for the Holidays.

Cool. I hope to be able to win one, too. This way, I can make sure the FreeSWITCH package I maintain will compile and work for this hardware.


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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

  • All the below have contributed enormously to the WRT AC series, of which can be seen via the WRT AC Series thread, or by looking at their respective profile pages

    1. nitroshift

      • On top of everything else, worked directly with Stefan Roese of U-boot to figure out how to recover a corrupt bootloader on not just the Armada XP, but also the 385

    2. sera

      • Exhaustive amount of work on kernel 4.4.x versions

    3. hnyman

  • Also, at least 5 lede devs should receive units.

Wikis, Scripts & Configs:   WRT AC Series Wiki WRT AC Series

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Hello. Very excited to hear about this opportunity.

Currently I maintain a VPN server at home to support my direct family members in China. They are in industries where access to news/information is crucial. To get around internet censorship, this VPN connection became a must-have for their professional and leisure use.

With a WRT3200ACM I would like to make the VPN more secure by enhancing the encryption to AES256 or above. To leverage on the dual core CPU, I also have a plan to share this VPN with friends where this router can handle a lot more users than the one i have now.

This Christmas we are upgrading to a Gigabit Fiber connection. Only the best router would fit, I see WRT3200ACM would be a perfect fit.

Thanks and I love this community.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway


I'll support seragh and nitroshift in grabbing a piece of this beautiful starship. smile

If possible, I'd also like to sign up for one, as that'll extend my capabilities of testing mvebu - along a WRT1900ACv1 sitting here. For background, I'm around the project in 2006 (as "splicing expert" in the beginning), maintaining two targets since 2012, and trying to keep OpenWrt/trunk at a sane/stable quality currently.

Thanks to Linksys for this Christmas idea for the community.


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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway


Contributor to LEDE code base and OpenWRT package repo (diizzyy). I tend to find odd bugs and like to use USB peripherals on routers which doesn't seem too common and would also like to try (E)SATA for storage. Trying my best to report and/or fix things I notice during tests and everyday usage. The WRT3200ACM would be a nice platform to test out ARM, especially since the hardware is very capable in terms of RAM and overall performance. I've been looking at Marvell SoCs earlier like the Espressobin Board but lead-time and shipping pricing left a bit to desire....

Best regards,

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I would love to be the recipient of WRT3200ACM for devolpment purposes

I currently have 2 WRT1900AC's.  I have been compiling Openwrt for  4 years.  Other than regular Router duties, my Routers are music server frontends.  The ACM would be a great logical step for futire development work

Linksys WRT1900AC mamba
Linksys WRT3200ACM rango
Asus RT-N16

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I am OpenWRT enthusiastic. My WRT54GL v.1.1 is little bit worn-out (too much mods) and need rest.

My past developement are related to different platforms. I.e. linux based set-top satellite receivers plugins (like Drembox Enigma2 movie player cold SubsDownloader) and vintage car radio replacement kit (hardware= PIC18F mcu + TDA7418 + VMusic3 + MonkeyBoard DAB+ reveiver + tda7580 , software written in C).

My software development on WRT3200 :

At this moment I am developing some home controller unit based on Microchip PIC mcu (climate solution like heating/ air conditioning, alarms, doors/ windows control, lighting, etc). WRT3200ACM would provide Human-Machine Interface website server. So to develop is some tinyHTTP CGI-bin server or similar web solution.

BTW: Do Linksys predicts their own app store to this line of routers? Something like android Google play,  iOS iTunes or Enigma2 plugin system? This routers have huge amount of flash so third part apps could be written by developers directly to original firmware and sold/ available directly in their firmware?


Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

My first encounter with Linksys products started many years back beginning with WRT54G, WRT54GL and WAP54G. All are solid performance during that era and are still working till today.

I don't have any AC router so hopefully I'm selected for this giveaway as I would really like to explore OpenWrt further on this router.

Thank you and happy holiday.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

select me.
why? because i can't afford the latest and greatest smile

Netgear WNDR3800 Custom Build;
Netgear Nighthawk X4S D7800;
Buffalo WBMR-HP-G300H Custom Build;


Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I would be interested in getting one. I've already done quite a bit of rework on the mvebu target, and getting such a device would help with doing some more.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I would be interested in receiving one.

I started using OpenWrt on a WRT54G and turned into a contributor when working on multimedia and in-home streaming. This included dragging ffmpeg kicking and screaming into the present.

My interest in the hardware is in improving media streaming, and transcoding with the same. The e-sata and usb3 ports also have me hopeful as my current router is choked on USB performance.